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posted Nov 26, 2016 13:52:19 by unknown
The Skirmish books looks really good.

My question is about the Limited forces. When will we see British, French,Russian,Japanese army lists.

As i only found US and German.?

Or have i missed something
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avatar said Nov 26, 2016 14:40:04
Will it be generic forces or will you see, 8th army vs Afrika Corps vs a risen Nitokris/Khephren/black Pharaoh or there cults.

It would be cool having British Commandos fighting deep ones and Japanese forces in Burma.
SteveHanson said Nov 27, 2016 04:11:32
Currently, its Germans (Darksun) vs US. Further factions are being planned for later.
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Matthew Hope said Dec 08, 2016 17:57:43
There are British forces in the Core Rulebook - Commandos and some named characters from the AC universe.
avatar said Dec 09, 2016 14:51:39
Yes badgers commandos, I believe they will be producing more force books,
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