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Star Trek Alpha Discussion

posted Nov 24, 2016 18:24:53 by ChrisBirch
Please discuss the first Alpha release here
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Justin Case said Nov 24, 2016 23:48:02
Just skimmming over the preroled charakters, while the majority seems to use 14 skill points, some use 13. Is that intended ? as i know my players they probably want to customize their charakters head on.
ThomasSolway said Nov 24, 2016 23:53:29
Glad to get the first materials. I guess I'm just wondering how the logistics of the test will go. I signed up as a player, I could try and rope the rest of my normal group into playing as well, but then I'd have to upgrade to a GM. Would I have to get them signed up as players as well? I seem to remember from the initial announcement at least the allusion to some sort of online connection for testing. Though I may have just imagined it. I'm good to try and join a group online, or try and get things running locally. But I'd like to get some more details about the logistics, not the least of which is the deadline for comments, or at least the release schedule to run by.
Alasdair MacKinnon said Nov 25, 2016 00:45:59
Really excited to get this!

Very minor piece of feedback on the scenario based on an initial read through...the initial description for Scene 1 says that there is no life on the planet other than the science team. As there's clearly flora and fauna on the planet, maybe it would be better to say there's no intelligent life.
schielhau said Nov 25, 2016 01:21:36
The Tellarite pregen (Krev glasch Tor / Bera chim Tor) has only 51 points for attributes, all other pregens have 55.

The setup for the playtest scenario requires the cooperation of Federation and Klingons, so this scenario wouldn't work for playing in the TOS era. And the Lexington is missing anyway. - I thought the playtest would be run differently for all four playtest ships. Did I get the wrong playtest scenario as I have signed up for the Lexington? Is there a Lexington playtest available?
schielhau said Nov 25, 2016 01:25:00
I am not entirely sure what this thread here is for: "NARENDRA STATION SUBSPACE CHANNEL".
Is it for a play-by-post forum game? Or should I post my questions regarding the first playtest scenario there?
RyanFaricelli said Nov 25, 2016 01:32:07
Super excited! Quick question – the last page of the playtest pdf refers us to fill out a feedback form upon completion, but I'm not seeing a link to that on your website. Is that not live yet and coming soon?
Camoodle said Nov 25, 2016 02:06:40
Awesome. This is pretty exciting! Have a group ready to go, will spring it on them this weekend - And report back with responses.
Matt Stark said Nov 25, 2016 02:07:19
Am I supposed to release the Starbase 364 and Shackleton Expanse document to the players? It seems like standard background information but I want to be sure.
avatar said Nov 25, 2016 02:09:41
Getting my group together in the next week or so. Just downloaded the files.
AndrewLacey said Nov 25, 2016 02:25:53

I'm really looking forward to the Alpha. Unfortunately I'm DMing the end of a long running game for the next two weeks. So I might not be able to run the Star Trek Adventures Alpha until the 15th of December.

Is that too late?

I don't want to be dropped from the Alpha for not playing it or anything?
Huntsfromshadow said Nov 25, 2016 03:07:22
So can I get some clarity on the challenge dice?

I am confused on the following things.

1) Is it true that we only count if the dice rolls 1,2,5 or 6?

2) How do they work with cover?
ncardare said Nov 25, 2016 03:42:44
Looked over the pregens and reading the mission tonight. I'm excited to jump right in. I have alerted my players and this weekend we should get through the intro mission.
TobieAbad said Nov 25, 2016 03:47:07
Downloading and anxious to begin.
Question: Would livestreaming be acceptable or against NDA?
Just curious if you wanted video of the playtest.

Vidal Bairos said Nov 25, 2016 04:23:05
Can't wait to get this going with my group.
AllenShock said Nov 25, 2016 06:40:05
I confess to being a little bummed...thought I was going to be on the TOS ship. But...we shall forge ahead.

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