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Star Trek Alpha Discussion

posted Nov 24, 2016 18:24:53 by ChrisBirch
Please discuss the first Alpha release here
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UrialSire said Nov 24, 2016 19:35:22
hi guys !

I have a received my package and I read this this evening !

But i have a question, I am a "Youtubeur", and i talk to the alpha test or not ?

best regard

Simon Meekings said Nov 24, 2016 19:39:53
So excited!! Can't wait to have a good read of the rule book tonight and prep something to whet the appetite of my players. Been waiting for a great Trekkie rpg for ages so I'm hoping this system will live long and prosper! :)

Only thing though... feedback in December could be tight. Anyone else only do a once a week only tabletop thing?? (Kids and all)
James_K said Nov 24, 2016 20:03:19
My printer is going to hate me...
Location: Edmond, Oklahoma

Thank you for the chance to bring these fine games to others.

--James K
AndyBethell said Nov 24, 2016 20:03:58
First skim through of the pdfs and I seem to be missing a ship!?

The adventure is set prior to the PCs being assigned to their ship, so I guess they didn't need to include details yet.
RichardTurnbull said Nov 24, 2016 20:15:54
Only thing though... feedback in December could be tight. Anyone else only do a once a week only tabletop thing?? (Kids and all)

It depends on when in December, hopefully my group can get enough done before we have to provide the feedback.
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MartinMarks said Nov 24, 2016 20:21:41
So the rules text says that characters will have 4 focuses: one at 4, one at 3, and two at 2. However, the precon characters have only one focus at 2. Is this by design for this initial mission?
AlfredMoragasSegura said Nov 24, 2016 20:31:22
I'd just read the Playtest Adventure, and I think that I will have to do some small changes when gamemastering it, because the idea of a group of "devolved scientists" will be too much reminiscent of the "TNG" episode "Genesis" for my group of players (all of them are quite familiar with the Star Trek TV series, specially "TNG").

I suppose I will change the "devolved by environmental factors" to "made insane by environmental factors", and that insanity giving the scientist increased strength and resilience. I am also thinking about a third option based in the scientist having being turned into hosts of the local flora, but the result of that line of thinking is too close to a Cronenberg movie. But any mention of "scientist turned Neanderthals" will ellicit in my players a lot of jokes about the Neanderthal-Riker of "Genesis", and any sense of danger will become lost because my players will have this mental image of the enemies:

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Mark Hunt said Nov 24, 2016 20:47:05
Play test Engaged!

mikekco said Nov 24, 2016 21:16:28
Nice! Time to start reading through the documents...
Bundeswehr_Bob said Nov 24, 2016 22:01:03
I'll echo a question that was similar, which is if we're under any NDA about this or not?
James_K said Nov 24, 2016 22:20:41
Reading the rules the rules set I got seem to be written from the TNG stand point. I'm referring to the department list and there colours.
Location: Edmond, Oklahoma

Thank you for the chance to bring these fine games to others.

--James K
Leandro L.C. e Rodrigues said Nov 24, 2016 22:27:21
You're correct.

Thank, Nathan. This helps the normally-unlucky players with the d20 LOL
Loogawa said Nov 24, 2016 22:37:18
I'm not sure if this is the place to ask for questions. But on page 34 under NPC momentum it says:

NPCs with unspent Momentum cannot save it as player characters can - NPCs don't have a group Momentum pool. Instead, an NPC can add ont Threat to the pool for each Momentum SPENT.

Should that last word read unspent? Otherwise I'm confused.
EduardoAlves said Nov 24, 2016 22:56:28

Received the instructions email today and got all the files, but I'm confused about something.. How will the game take place? Is it just a tabletop style when I play with my friends and we submit feedback later, or will we be assigned to a group and play online (forums, through Playd20, etc)?
AdamColeman said Nov 24, 2016 23:32:40
So, Challenge Dice - am I reading this correctly?

Each one is 1d6, and the results are as follows:

1 = 1
2 = 2
3 = 0
4 = 0
5 = 1 + Effect
6 = 1 + Effect

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