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Reproduction of Animals and Mutants

posted Nov 22, 2016 16:37:00 by BrianKorsberg
I know the MYO book says the Mutants are unable to reproduce (ignoring the Eden plot), but what about the animals of Genlab Alpha? A paragraph in the beginning mentions that "for generations, the tribe elders have advocated submission and cooperation." If they are able to have "generations", then there must be offspring, right? What would their gestation periods be like? Closer to a human's, or that of their animal species? I'm trying to figure out how to handle the mutant sterility issue in a custom campaign (no Eden) that potentially contains both mutants and animals. I have an idea in mind, but wanted some confirmation first or thoughts on how others have dealt with it.
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SteveHanson said Nov 24, 2016 18:07:36
You are right, the mutant animals are not sterile, they can reproduce.
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Fenhorn said Nov 24, 2016 20:18:32
Since 'Project Genesis' (Animal Mutants) was done in a controlled environment (well, it didn't work out that well, if the players do what they are suppose to) they where allowed to reproduce, the guardians could always secure the number and take out specimens for more testing. I guess that is the reason the animal mutants are more stabile than the human mutants (sure, they still have their animal side within).

'Project Eden' (or technically Eden 2) was done in the open, in Arks or a least the players "batch" was (there are some odler mutants out there, probably from earlier stages in the project). So to secure the project, the mutants where made sterile. Then of course, the project is has died (or has it?) so there are no more mad scientists do whatever mad scientist do to the mutants (well, we have ...).

In a custom campaign you could go that they have find out about the sterility and learned how to fix it or work around it (trying to avoid to much spoilers here). Basically you could let the both the mutations and the animal mutants start as young, mature or as and elder (as in MGA).
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