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Totally Unofficial Mapless System

posted Nov 18, 2016 10:14:37 by PeterAppleyard
Came up with this idea, which I doubt will be as good as the collectors edition, but it may fill a gap until it comes out.
All measurements are in units of 4 inches. Ranges are measured to and from vehicle hull or nearest figure. Infantry figures must be in a 4 inch diameter circle. Vehicles are allowed a single turn of upto 45 degrees for free during a move, all other turns cost 1 mp each. Woods count as square cover.
What do you think, I have tried to keep it simple, but suggestions welcome, especially any improvements.
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2 replies
PeterAppleyard said Nov 18, 2016 11:32:42
Had another thought. Instead of the free 45 degree turn use 2 inch of movement. See if that works better.
NickRiggs said Nov 21, 2016 13:36:04
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