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What's a high experience character look like?

posted Nov 07, 2016 19:27:56 by noblelegacy
Obviously this is not a game that uses levels, but does anyone have an idea what a relatively new character's experience total should look like? How about a moderately experienced character? Heavily experienced? Epic?
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Aryxbez said Jan 31, 2017 04:26:38
Not sure if I can give a full answer to that that question, but I did do a run-down of XP Totals, and I think this should help:

Average XP gain is 2-3 per session, and need 5 to spend it on something, so players can expect a "level up" every 2-3 sessions or so.

Probably a good 60xp worth of things you want at a given time (1pt=5xp. 2pts to max class/Specialist skill, max combat skill 2-3pt or more, get your 2 other class/role talents, then at least 1-2 General Talents each PC gonna want I'm sure. Then unto Multiclassing least 2-3 other talents to grab from that class, and 4pts of upping that respective class skill as well.

Totaling: 8-9 or 40-45xp. Then Late-game or Multiclassing adds another 5pts, bringing new Total to 65-70xp. )

With those totals in mind, that puts it at 20 sessions of play, maybe Another 10 for Late Game play. So if you play every week for a total 20 sessions, that's going to be an easy 5 months, and another 2.5 months for Late Game play.

I consider "Late-Game" In the Ark when they've likely got some strong totals in a category or two, quite likely moving toward more advanced projects like the Railroad, may've gone to EDEN or close to it. For the characters themselves, I'd consider when they've exhausted the options in their own class, maxed out their Specialist Skill (moving to take the Talent into a new Role), and on their way or having maxed their Combat skill of choice as well.

You might consider a "Moderately Experienced" character as someone who has Maxed their Spec skill, along with all their Role Talents, or this case have spent at least 20xp (since it takes 5xp per option, two talents & 2 spec-skill points). Otherwise I can't imagine much meaning to say "Epic" as character doesn't change too much between incremental level ups. I imagine you'll notice a bigger change in between lots of XP totals on characters combined with getting the right Artifacts (Gearhead devoted to their spec skill getting the Wrench artifact will have a noticeable effect in repairing/making items).

Hope this helps.
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