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Kung Fu Panda Play Test Feedback

posted Nov 03, 2016 14:44:03 by NickFallon
Hi all,
Thanks allot for signing up to the KFP Play test, we appreciate all your time and energy put into test this game.

In this forum thread we opinions about scenarios in particular, we will be releasing more scenarios as the play test goes on.

Keep your eyes open!

Nick Fallon
KFP Games Development
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avatar said Nov 05, 2016 02:28:06
Looking forward to participating. Thanks for the opportunity!
Ted Conn said Dec 24, 2016 05:31:54
We (four players) tried scenario #1 three times. The first time, we weren't even close, but we learned a lot about the game mechanics. The second time, we were heading toward the exit when time ran out. The third time, we were at the exit, but locked dice kept the fourth player from exiting and thus, letting us win.

The good: It's a tight, frenetic scenario. You definitely felt the pressure of getting in and out quickly. The characters used played a major factor in success or failure, as you almost need crane or mantis to get the scroll in a reasonable amount of time.

The bad: After the third try, my group (ranging in ages from mid-20s to late-50s) was pretty frustrated. We learned a lot in our three tries, but it was the lack of dice that really stymied what could otherwise have been a more fulfilling play test (see "The ugly" below).

The ugly: The group sat around afterwards and talked about the feelings evoked by our experience. We liked the speed and fever pitch of having to quickly assess and react to what the dice gave you. However, one player thought perhaps two minutes was too short a period of time. I thought it was enough time, but we needed more dice than three in a four-player scenario. We simply didn't have enough dice to *do* things.

For instance, at the beginning of the third round of our third try, we were all sitting at the exit. Only three of us got out. The fourth player kept getting a scar on one die, thus requiring a Spawn card to be played to unlock his dice. It happened over and over for the entire round. We eventually lost. While that may have just been bad luck on his part, an extra die would've still given him the need of getting good dice rolls while feeling the pressure of time wasting away. We ended the scenario feeling more than a bit frustrated.

One last question: Which way to do the enemies travel on the main path? We worked out a system, but I'm fairly confident it wasn't the correct way.
NickFallon said Dec 25, 2016 11:11:54
Hi Ted,
To answer your question enemies always travel towards the Exit.

We would like to consider including more dice in the box to make the 4 player experience better.

Thanks for your feedback.

Nick Fallon
KFP Game Design
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