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cover saves

posted Oct 17, 2016 15:19:29 by PeterAppleyard
Simple question, are cover saves cumulative e.g. a lieutenant with a gun crew behind a wall. He gets a save for his rank,a save for the gun shield and another for the cover save. Would that be three dice or just the one. I have been playing it as three.
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Mark Furnell said Oct 20, 2016 10:56:32
Hi Peter,

I can't see anything in the rules that specifically says one way or the other. However, the rules refer to a "cover save" rather than "cover saves", so I play that a unit is either in cover or is not. Regardless of how many times the unit is in cover, it gets just one cover saving throw.

That said, may I point out a couple of things (without seeming picky)?

I can't see a Lieutenant card with the Hero key word, so your Lieutenant wouldn't get a cover save unless he was in cover.

You need to treat commanders almost as separate units when resolving hits. The unit commanders are stacked with take all the hits until they are eliminated. Only then would a commander need to make a cover save (if in cover or has the hero key word). See 2nd paragraph, top left of page 9.

Hope this helps,

PeterAppleyard said Oct 20, 2016 11:07:52
I see what you are getting at. An officer would not get a save from a gun shield as it would be eliminated before he took any fire. You are saying one roll covers all, so a gun crew behind a wall only has one chance. Thanks. Ps like the caption, it's scary that they are all the same scale.
Mark Furnell said Oct 20, 2016 13:38:09
Hi, Yep, the gun would be gone once the last crewman was killed. Each crew man (if hit) would get a cover save, but only one.

Lets say your gun (behind a wall) has two crew plus the Lieutenant. Three hits are scored. The gun crew each roll once to save, they both fail, so they are both removed and the gun is too. The Lieutenant takes the third hit, and gets a cover save because of the wall.

In the same scenario, if the gun, crew and Lieutenant were out in the open, the two hits destroy the crew and gun, then Lieutenant would not get a cover save. A captain would, as he has the hero keyword.


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