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Please bring light to my LUMINESCENCE question

posted Oct 12, 2016 02:10:43 by LaurenceDeOliveiraArruda
Guys my GM and I we have diferent perspectives about the LUMINESCENCE mutation.
At the top explains that is the ability to emit light like fireflies and certain types of fish
but at the 3th ability possibilities says: Briefly bend the light around you, to obscure your presence. You can use this effect to escape from a conflict without rolling to Move.
How exactly that works, he thinks that the mutant bursts with glowing and intense bright making everyone blind for a moment.
And i think that the mutant can control the light making him almost invisible
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Fenhorn said Oct 12, 2016 08:07:06
If we looks at it strictly from a rule point of view. The third effect allows you to automatically flee from a conflict. That's it.

The idea is that you with this light bending effect causes a momentum, long enough for you to flee but not much more. Invisible is a very strong word here. It say "Briefly bend the light around you, to obscure your presence".

Technically it's academic whether the enemies are "blind for a moment" or you are "almost invisible", the effect is that you can flee without rolling the dice and the effect doesn't last beyond that action.
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TomasFriaLigan said Oct 12, 2016 09:04:33
A very good reply from Fenhorn! The rules effect is clear (I hope). How you describe it in the game is up to you, but I'd say that your version is closer to what we had in mind than your GM's. :)
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