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posted Oct 12, 2016 20:07:03 by
Can the new rules handle the 1928 raid on innsmouth...
If so what would be the forces.
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Matthew Hope said Dec 08, 2016 18:01:30
Certainly on the Mythos side. There are rules for Deep Ones (hybrids haven't been included - yet). As for the human forces, you could absolutely use the named characters on the Allied side as an example for some of the characters from that story, as well as the military forces for the police.

Let us know if you take a shot at it!
avatar said Dec 09, 2016 09:13:53
I am currently looking for 1920s era US infantry/marines for this. Im also beginning work on terrain.

However, in addition to this ive picked up the Warlord Dads Army minis. For either a straight Skirmish version of a deep one attack on Walmington-on-sea or for "They don't like it up em" an Achtung Cthulhu rpg version of the same scenario. For EXPO 2016.

Watch this space..
avatar said Dec 09, 2016 20:18:05
Going back to Innsmouth for a second.

You could use the classic "Excape from Innsmouth" Campaign as the backbone of a Skirmish game. Using the force examples in the campaign. Or at least as a framework for the idea.4 or 5 battles

However my initial thought was a 4x4 board set up as a port and a battle between US infantry and deep ones, with the odd shoggoth thrown in.
avatar said Aug 18, 2017 19:34:52
I will be running a version of this at Dragonmeet 2017
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