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Suggestions for Tiles

posted Oct 09, 2016 05:52:46 by SteveHanson
Give us your suggestions for the 2 double sided bonus tiles.
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17 replies
VictorAraujo said Oct 09, 2016 06:27:51
"The McCraig Line"
The red sand desert trenches of Mars.

Inspired by the classic Capitol heroes and Praetorian Behemoth cart works.
These tiles could have a side that forms a double tile of trench line. Special rules to simulate elevation with the lower trench and the ground above surrounding.
derSpeigel said Oct 09, 2016 07:31:06
I like the trench idea but since we got Venusian jungle tiles ala the old Blood Berets game how about modern versions of the tiles from the Fury of the Clansman game, unless your planning that as another expansion in the future ;)
Nicola said Oct 09, 2016 07:31:32
"Dark Citadel Entrance" Walls, Gates, Wreckage, Cannons.

"Deadly Jungle" Jungle with quicksand and a bridge of wood.

"Hightower" Top of a tower, spiral stairs, roof, turrets.
ShadowWalker said Oct 09, 2016 07:52:33
Nero, Mercurian Caverns, asteroid field.
JeffSmith said Oct 09, 2016 07:56:17
Dark Eden or Martian Desert.
VictorAraujo said Oct 09, 2016 08:31:55
Im also on board with Mecurian caverns. On the KS update I suggested Mars on one side and Mercury on the other.
King Priamos said Oct 09, 2016 12:29:53
+1 for Mercurian Caverns - Mishima Style
Mats Hellström said Oct 09, 2016 17:48:46
What about a tile that can serve both as desert with canyons and mercurian caverns? Are they similar at all?

On the other side, some place with swamps and water. Perhaps quicksand too.

ЭтханЯкобс said Oct 09, 2016 18:32:06
Remake Fury of the Clansmen tiles please.
Anders Forslund said Oct 10, 2016 17:05:09
+1 Remake Fury of the Clansmen tiles
JoshuaKlug said Oct 12, 2016 11:30:14
Valley of Thousand Stones
PetrBaumgartner said Oct 12, 2016 19:56:07
My tips
Bridge over the lava or the wild river
Lobby (inspiration Matrix)
Deep chasm or canyon with a rope bridge (inspiration Indiana Jones)
Trenches in World War II
Railway station with the interior of the train
Highway with wrecks (inspiration Mad Max)
Streets with access to the sewers.
Ruins in the jungle
Aztec pyramids
Overwatch tower
River crossing
inspiration - Normandy landings
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Ron Shenck said Oct 13, 2016 01:08:47
Venusion jungles.
Andreas Johnsen said Oct 13, 2016 16:48:49
One more wote for Nero!
LorenzoGiorgioni said Oct 13, 2016 23:04:35
1) Planet Nero
2) Dark Eden
3) Interior of a spaceship
4) Luna City
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