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Suggestions for Dark Legion Creature

posted Oct 09, 2016 05:57:30 by SteveHanson
Which Dark Legion creature would you like to see added?
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To his friend a man
a friend shall prove,
To him and the friend of his friend;
But never a man
shall friendship make
With one of his foeman's friends.
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25 replies
Anders Forslund said Oct 09, 2016 06:17:36
Immaculate Fury
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derSpeigel said Oct 09, 2016 07:23:37
I'm down with a couple of Immaculate Furies. Bio giant would be okay if it had a really cool sculpt.Their were never minis but there were NecroMeks in the original rpg that would be a new mini we've never had.
Nicola said Oct 09, 2016 07:37:04
Alakhay, Saladin or Nepharites for the other Apostles (i.e. vermin-head Muawijhe Nepharite)

I'm thinking that a serie of tokens to represent a (turn) growing Cairath could be funny!

derSpeigel said Oct 09, 2016 07:40:07
Demogognis did have a pretty sweet Nepharite back in the day, but maybe he should be in Demogognis themed expansion.
ShadowWalker said Oct 09, 2016 07:51:44
Immaculate Fury, Children of Ilian, Biogiant, Doomsday Proclaimer.
@asunday2014 Nekromeks are vehicles ;)
JeffSmith said Oct 09, 2016 07:55:17
Plague Runners.
Andreas Johnsen said Oct 09, 2016 08:00:55
Bio Giant is a hot candidate

VictorAraujo said Oct 09, 2016 08:29:15
If we're going for a group; Blessed or Screaming Legionnaires. Single model; Non-Algeroth Nephrites or Immaculate Fury.
TroelsRohdeFlanagan said Oct 09, 2016 11:41:42
Child of Illian
King Priamos said Oct 09, 2016 12:29:13
+1 for Immaculate Fury

Bonus Vote Dark Legion Creature:
Immaculate Fury

Mats Hellström said Oct 09, 2016 17:34:01
I would like to see the scythe-wielding assassin formerly assigned to Algeroth (though I'd say Semai would fit better). It's "Själagisslare" in swedish; I don't know the english name and haven't seen it in the new editions either. Perhaps it's stricken from the rolls ;( One tend to forget that assassins/commandos can be quite effective around all that armor and weaponry.
VictorAraujo said Oct 09, 2016 17:41:23
That would be The Reaper of Souls
Mats Hellström said Oct 09, 2016 17:49:15
Thanks ;)
ЭтханЯкобс said Oct 09, 2016 18:31:13
Children of Ilian squad or Immaculate Fury
Alex Kanous said Oct 10, 2016 13:34:02
If there's room for another big guy in the game (on top of the Ezoghoul, Maculator, and Behemoth), I'd opt for the Biogiant. Outside of the Ezoghoul the Biogiant was always the most common of Algeroth's massive creatures.

For a smaller adversary, how about the Eaonian Justifier? While I like the Furies, they fill a similar role to the Stalkers and Razides. As Algeroth's chief torturers, they'd make great enemies for rescue missions into a citadel.

Finally, if we have the option for a unit of Dark Legion creatures I'd like to see the Karnophages. As the ultimate degenerative form of a cultist, they're pretty iconic Dark Legion monsters.
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