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posted Oct 05, 2016 20:36:55 by PeterAppleyard
There are a few of the stat cards in the game that I cannot find models for e.g.armoured cars and anti tank guns. Tanks and halftracks I can get from armourfast and plastic soldier company, infantry I can get from Airfix. Anybody know of any other makers.
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Mark Furnell said Oct 06, 2016 19:43:18
Hi Peter,

Italeri do a great range of Anti tank guns, tanks and vehicles and infantry in 1/72. They are available in most model shops too.

All the American and some of the German figures in my pictures in this and other forums are Italeri.

Armourfast also do German machine gunners which are well worth picking up.

Hope this helps,


PeterAppleyard said Oct 06, 2016 20:04:45
Certainly does, thanks. The armoured cars seem to be the toughest to pin down.
Mark Furnell said Oct 07, 2016 19:05:04
Hi Peter,

The M8 Greyhound is easy, pick up the Italeri 1:72 model - I have a couple of these.

The SD KFZ 222 is much harder. Airfix used to do a desert version, you might find it and other 1:72 versions on E-bay or a specialist supplier. I haven't had any luck finding it in 20mm either.... :-)


PeterAppleyard said Oct 07, 2016 20:44:24
Got the Airfix armoured car even though it does have a big gun. I will certainly go for the Italeri models. Thanks.
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