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posted Sep 30, 2016 07:39:48 by Overlord13
I realise you guys have no plans to do anything other than WWII at the moment, but my vote is for an Airfix Battles Vikings set!
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Mark Furnell said Oct 01, 2016 21:18:09
That would be fun!

PeterAppleyard said Oct 02, 2016 07:04:24
I think it would work best as a set of skirmish rules, as there would not be much 'ranged fire', more a series of assaults, but a dark age game would be good.
Mark Furnell said Oct 02, 2016 08:10:15
I think the game system lends itself well to almost any era - I guess it depends on the take up of the game to see if we'll see other periods released. I'd favour a Napoleonic set of cards myself to tie in with the Airfix waterloo set.
eviloverlord13 said Oct 02, 2016 08:41:22
I can see potential for dark ages (they did use spears, 'angons' and bows) so there would be some ranged attacking. Also, earlier periods; there are some Airfix Romans out there, Robin Hood figures which cover the Medieval period, and have I seen Celts?

I think the Airfix Battles rules are, thanks to their simplicity, easy enough to use for any period. All you'd need are a new set of card decks. I think people who buy the rules having never picked up a war game, or having done so years ago (like me), will look for more options and historical periods using the set of rules they become accustomed to.
PeterAppleyard said Oct 02, 2016 12:11:13
Celtic would work better, because you have chariots as a 'tank' equivalent and they did use missile weapons. Vikings looked down on archery as a cowards weapon, only fit for hunting. Celts versus Vikings would make an interesting scenario though.
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