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Siege of the Citadel update

posted Sep 26, 2016 23:37:52 by SteveHanson
Modiphius & Cabinet Entertainment unveiled today the Luna Expansion for the board game Siege of the Citadel and guaranteed it for the $149 Dark Legion Kickstarter Pledges, which are now worth $255 - check out the contents below.

Here's what else we've unlocked:

Check out the Luna PD audio story in today's update
A chibi version of Edward Murdoch by Ninja Division for Doomtrooper & Dark Legion Pledges plus more chibi add ons.

Mitch Hunter's dog Pride for Doomtrooper & Dark Legion Pledges.
2 of 6 surprise Reinforcement heroes Attila III & Yojimbo for Dark Legion Pledges
4 of 6 extra heroes for the base game
Check out some of the latest unveiled figure sculpts below!

$255 value and growing!
The $149 Dark Legion pledge is now worth a total of $255 (on kickstarter prices alone) and this value just keeps growing. We aim for this pledge to be worth $400-$500 by the time the Kickstarter closes.

What's in there so far?

Core Box
Brotherhood Expansion
Luna City Expansion
A full set of 5 bonus cards for each deck
All unveiled Social Media Goals (so far another 15 bonus cards)
Designers Pack including 2 three-part mini campaigns by Kevin Wilson and Eric Lang, two double sided tiles and 10 bonus cards
2 double-size tile locations (both in 2 parts) - the Stairwell and Throne Room
A PDF Mission Guide with 3 missions using the double tiles, plus guidance on combining multiple sets of the game.
The epic Citadel Walls
Attila III unit figure
Yojimbo figure
chibi Murdoch figure
Mitch Hunter's dog Pride figure

You can see there's a lot more to come - the silhouettes are just camouflaging what is to be unveiled!

Dark Legion Pledges aren't the only ones getting bonuses though, the Doomtrooper Pledge is now worth $91 with the 25 bonus cards, chibi Murdoch, Mitch Hunter's dog Pride and the Social media goals unlocked so far (another 12 bonus cards) with more to come
Luna City Expansion

This new expansion adds 17 more miniatures and a 7th player to the game!
1 x Von Holle Villain
1 x Zenithian Soulslayer (a big creature!)
2 x Ilian Templars
4 x Twisted Marionettes
6 x Heretics
3 x Heroes: Luna PD Officer Vents, Detective Vance Ryder, Freelancer McBride! This 7th Player option let's you draw on Luna Police Department or Freelancers to mix and match your forces
1 x Player Board & Coloured Bases - now you can play with seven players!
4 x Double-sided Tiles of the rotten underbelly of Luna City
1 x Rulebook containing containing lots of new exciting rules which are going to challenge your heroes even more. Start from fresh as Luna PD & Freelancers or use your high rank Doomtroopers with new rules for greater challenges!
1 x Mission Guide with 10 missions confronting Von Holle and the power of the Dark Symmetry
New Card Decks & New Tokens!
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