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posted Sep 20, 2016 08:33:43 by PeterAppleyard
Just a quick question on valour. If I use the valour counter for a re-roll does have to be all the dice. For example, I roll 5 dice, 2 are hits. Do I roll all 5 or can I just roll the 3 that missed.
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Mark Furnell said Sep 21, 2016 20:08:30
Hi Peter,

Top right of page four in the rule book has the section on the Valour Counter.

As I read it ( and play it) you have to re-roll all the dice. The wording of the rule is "Set of dice rolls" which to me means all the dice.

I would suspect the wording would be different if you could "Cherry Pick" the dice to re-roll.


PeterAppleyard said Sep 21, 2016 20:17:32
Thanks, I did think it was a bit ambiguous, but it does seem more fair this way. As an aside, some of our players hate the concept of the valour counter hold onto it when they get possession, so taking it out of play.
Mark Furnell said Sep 22, 2016 12:15:30

Which is a valid and legal strategy.

I quite like the option (when I have the counter) but I can understand why others may not be so keen.



PeterAppleyard said Sep 22, 2016 16:12:43
I can understand how they feel, but when I have just made a really lousy roll, then the temptation is too great. I had a situation recently with my Sherman facing a Tiger which had only 2 armour left. I achieved 2 hits and rolled for penetration, I rolled double 1. What's worse is I had just lost the valour counter. The Tiger shot back and blew up my Sherman.
SteveHanson said Sep 22, 2016 17:55:12
Sound pretty realistic.
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