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Explosions. I'm doing it wrong?

posted Sep 18, 2016 15:38:57 by International Khiladi
You roll a base dice for every Blast Power if you are at near distance. But in the example the book tells that a charge of BP 9 and damage 2 is detonated. One ghoul is at Near distance. After rolling the dices, they are to success so the ghoul takes 3 damage. My question is, if the charge damage is 2 and you obtain two succes after the roll, it should be 4 instead of 3? Thanks in andvance to my fellow mutants!
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Fenhorn said Sep 18, 2016 19:18:17
Weapon damage (two in the example) only applies for the first ☢, all the other ☢ increases the damage by one. So the ghoul that is at near distance will get 2+1 damage and all the ghouls at short distance get 2 damage since only one ☢ was rolled (he made a joint roll for them).

The explosion rules (p94 in the pdf) have a mistake in it. The rules say that shrapnel increases the bombs Blast Power to two. That is of course wrong, shrapnel increases the bombs weapon damage to two (normally one) and weapon damage as always only applies the first ☢ rolled. The rules regarding shrapnel when jury-rigging (p55) and the example uses the right terms.
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International Khiladi said Sep 21, 2016 19:55:20
Thanks Fenhorn! I'm using the spanish version and the shrapnel rule is 1 (I supose they corrected the mistake). Thanks for the advice anyway!
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