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Question about Parasite mutation

posted Sep 15, 2016 14:02:57 by International Khiladi
One of the thing you can do if you had the Parasite mutation is "Steal one point of any atribute from the victim for every MP you spend". It's temporary or permanent? I had to treat the loss like a normal wound/trauma?

Thanks in advance!
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MonsterZero said Sep 16, 2016 03:33:43
Temporary. Can't recall how long it lasts. Minutes, maybe? Don't have the book handy. Oh, misunderstood your question. It was done to your character. I thought you used parasite on someone else. Yeah, you recover it like regular trauma.
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International Khiladi said Sep 21, 2016 19:56:05
Thanks MonsterZero!
avatar said Dec 19, 2016 02:13:17
another question regarding Parasite Mutation:
"You can even heal serious
or critical injuries –

but whats a serious injury? Critical injuries are clear, but i could not find "serious injuries" anywhere in the book?

Can anybody help?
DruidGamer said Dec 19, 2016 06:12:06
"Serious Injury" is what they originally called what is now a Non-lethal injury. The only difference between them (aside from the whole death thing) is how painful and/or difficult they are for the healer to heal ..... IF I recall correctly 😉
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