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Rule Assistance Guide

posted Aug 26, 2016 17:36:45 by Davidx
Hey Everyone,

I love the system so I've spent a considerable amount of time play testing and writing up some clarification for the rules. There are a lot of questions on this forum that are just dead or unanswered so I thought I'd add a bit of content myself. A lot of the writing and rules are just...strange and all over the place. Anyway, there may be typos and a bit of my own changes to clarity but here is my document for some clean up. This is a work in progress and I hope this helps. I will be augmenting these with each play test / play through of my group.
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SteveHanson said Aug 27, 2016 05:16:19
Thank you. Anything that can be done to make the game better us appreciated.
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