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Mutant year zero: machinarium

posted Aug 17, 2016 05:39:01 by JelleVob
Hi guys,
As usual I'm a tad late to jump on the bandwagon. In this case I'm actually so effing late I have to take the next one. That's why I came up with this crazy ass question: does anybody know when they'll release the next expansion for mutant year zero and if a bundle with ALL the my0 stuff will be available.

Any info would be kindly appreciated :)
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Unslain said Aug 20, 2016 19:39:25
During the Genlab kickstarter, Fria Ligan (Free League) Publishing gave us a rough estimate of January or February for the start of funding for Hardware (a working title for the Maskinarium translation). If they follow the Genlab format then much of the translation will be done by that time so I'm guessing that the release will be around June/July again. There's bound to be a pledge for at least the Year Zero kit plus Hardware and I'd be amazed if there isn't M:Y0, Genlab and Hardware bundle.

That said, neither of the two zone sector PDFs -The Doom Sphere and Denizens of the Sinkhole- nor the first two zone compendia were available in the Genlab ks, so absolutely ALL might not happen. But I'd say it's worth asking Fria Ligan for nearer the time, as they've added pledge levels at player request in the past.

In the meantime, give the starter booklet a go if you haven't already. It's centres on ark mutant PCs but includes animal mutants and robots in the NPC cast.

Finally as an alternative to waiting about ten months, you could pick up either Year Zero or Genlab and sell/pass it on if you end up with two copies later. One of my friends has done just that; he went all-in on Genlab and has sold his original copy of M:Y0 to another in our gaming group. Either book will last you a year easily unless your group plays at a truly phenomenal pace.
TomasFriaLigan said Sep 13, 2016 08:59:06
Unslain is absolutely right! We expect to run a kickstarter for Machinarium (final title still not set) in February or so. But you can of course already get the existing MYZ and Genlab Alpha stuff in the Modiphius webstore:
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