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posted Aug 15, 2016 09:33:24 by PeterHolland
Well, as there isn't a thread fofr locating players (that I can see atr least!), thought I'd start one!

What: Gaming Group
Where: Kidderminster, Worcestershire, United Kingdom, DY10 Postcode
When: Tuesdays and Fridays (Boardgames, including Thunderbirds); Saturday (Roleplay- rotation of games)
What: We get together on Tuesdays and Fridays to play board games and other table-top games and on a Saturday to play RPGs- at the moment our current rotation includes Pathfinder (D&D 3.5), Through The Breach (Steampunk, Wild-West Fantasy) and the FFG Star Wars system.
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SteveHanson said Aug 16, 2016 04:47:06
I'm Steve Hanson and I live in Seminole Oklahoma. I'm an origionalgame slut, any game any time. I don't get to travel much, mainly due to health issues and my wife working.i do have a dedicated game room so, if you want to come to me, we're set. Peter your welcome to come too, but you may have to stay a night or something.
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DouglasJessup said Aug 17, 2016 08:36:41
Hi there
UK GM in kent but play in the Gamer's Guild 12 Linkfield Corner, Redhill RH1 1BB
Looking for players for mutant chronicles playtest of John Carter of mars if i get in Conan and infinity RPG's and many others
We usually play 19:00 to about 22:30 Fridays or Saturdays 1300 to 1700 depending on when the most players can make it

Please contact me if interested
GlennWilson said Aug 19, 2016 14:50:38
Glenn Wilson here. Grumpy. I have been playing since I've been 12 and am 47 now. I come from the 'simulationist' side, but have played games just to enjoy imaginative/challenging situations.

I live in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
avatar said Oct 10, 2016 04:38:43
Mutant Chronicles
Spokane Washington
Looking to play Sundays at "The Comic Book Shop" located in the Northtown mall.
BruceBoragine said Feb 15, 2017 02:53:14
West Palm Beach, Florida. I own Mutant Chronicles Corilos and am a backer of Conan as well as a play tester of Star Trek and John Carter.
Can GM any but can't host except at a flgs.
avatar said Feb 16, 2017 22:58:29
say, what would everyone think if I set up a google spreadsheet listing everyone, their game etc. and leave it open for public view?
Snakedoc76 said Feb 09, 2018 04:31:14
Modiphius/2d20: Conan primarily, Star Trek, Infinity.
I've been playing since the mid 80's, without stop. Long time GM. Current fixations: Conan 2d20, Star Wars FFG system/Genesys, Ubiquity System (All for one, Hollow World Expedition, etc) Mainstay: GURPS/Hero/Savage Worlds (last 10-15 years anyway).
Current: South/East Valley Phoenix, AZ.
Hopefully Moving soon (post July '18) to Durham, NC.
Not looking to game "now," however past July move or not, will be willing.
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