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Interview with Chris Birch about Star Trek Adventures

posted Aug 10, 2016 14:39:55 by Conson
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Khan.N.Singh said Aug 10, 2016 15:13:21
I'm pleased that there's going to be a single core book (I wasn't a fan of how FFG did the core books for Star Wars), and I like that there's options for using miniatures as well as not using them.

We’re still debating whether we’d split the supplements in to the departments like Command and Engineering, or focus on wider perspectives like COMMAND and OPERATIONS. You can expect Quadrant books for Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. The big question as to whether there will be a Klingon book is easy–yes, there will, and it will introduce Klingon-focused campaigns.

I like the Command and Operations supplement idea better. It's all preference of course, but I think I'd rather have a book that covers all the command/operations/department bases, over splitting that up and potentially becoming too granular.
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SteveHanson said Aug 10, 2016 19:03:44
Thanks for posting that Conson. Klingon book warms my heart.

So Khan you're wanting less books that are bigger rather than more smaller books? Please post that in the what do you want topic. It could be very helpful to the devs.
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