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Operations: Base Dice?

posted Aug 06, 2016 19:40:31 by Clawdeen Spielt (Tanja Thome)

just reading the corebook of Genlab Alpha and I'm not sure about the operations:
each is resolved with a single dice roll, using a number of Base Dice

Okay ... how many Base Dice?
I guessed it would be equivalent to "succes chance", but these start at 10, what seem to be a lot of dice. Or?

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Unslain said Aug 06, 2016 21:02:23
You guessed exactly right. However the Success Chance is modified by the insurgency level of the location and possibly by Watcher operations that may be going on there. And then there's the Danger Dice - one blast symbol is all it takes to wipe that cell out, even if they succeed in their operation.

Plus one of my players last night got just a single success in 21 dice so ten dice is still no guarantee of success!
Clawdeen Spielt (Tanja Thome) said Aug 07, 2016 04:26:22
Wow, fast answer many thanks! :-)
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