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Star Trek Adventures-Which Platforms Will It Come Too?

posted Aug 04, 2016 20:19:36 by Admiral_Governor
So i just found about this cool RP Trek game (which i am a long time Trek fan... ).. and it never states what Platforms it will come too.... will it come to Xbox One, PS4, PC? or just PC?
Devin Jamison
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PymParticles said Aug 04, 2016 21:44:09
This is a tabletop RPG in the vein of Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder etc. So none of those platforms for now.
Admiral_Governor said Aug 04, 2016 22:06:08
ahh ok.. thanks!
Devin Jamison
GaaronGilham said Aug 26, 2016 20:35:49
For now? Now, that's interesting. :)
SteveHanson said Aug 27, 2016 05:05:16
I wouldn't read too much into that. As far as I know our license is only for a tabletop role playing game and its accessories. But then anything us possible. IDIC.
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