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Savage Worlds vs 2d20

posted Aug 01, 2016 17:36:33 by Jeffry Hysong
I always loved the Mutant Chronicles setting but disliked the old versions of the rules. I've decided to give this 3rd edition a try but I'm unsure of which version to get. I am unfamiliar with both 2d20 and Savage Worlds so I'll be new to either system. I plan on using Fantasy Grounds to play them game. I know there's a Savage Worlds ruleset for Fantasy Grounds, though it would likely need some customization for Mutant Chronicles.

Does anyone have any experience with 2d20 or Savage Worlds with Fantasy Grounds? Also, what are you opinions of both rule systems as they relate to Mutant Chronicles? I noticed that the source books haven't been converted to Savage Worlds yet, will that be a big hindrance to using them? Are there general conversion rules anywhere?
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Pat Murray said Aug 01, 2016 20:56:07
I have been running and participating in 3rd ed 2d20 systems since earlier this year. All of my experience with it has been with roll20 however, and I am unfamiliar with Fantasy grounds. There are many things that I enjoy about the 2d20 system, but somethings were just way too clunky. The best example I can give is the abstract economy. I don't know if it's the way the system is written, or the way that I have been explaining it but my players, but those who I have played with just do not like it all. This could be because most games have a much simpler 'I have X gold, this item costs Y gold, so I buy the sword', and that is the end of that. While the abstract economy is neat in how it handles prices and availablility it just takes too long, and buying things seems laboured.

We also from the very begining droped the abstract zone ranges, and used the concrete ranges offered in chapter 11. SW has also done this.

Another thing that initially seemed too cumbersome was the Dark Symmetry Pool. It took myself and the other person GMing, a good many sessions to finally understand the best way to use the pool. Admitadly this was almost completely our fault.

We haven't had a Savage Worlds session yet, though it seems that it will be a much simpler and straight forward system. That is not to say that the 2d20 system isn't lots of fun. We are currently working to convert our characters from 2d20 to SW, I don't forsee it being too difficult.
Ryan Smith said Aug 01, 2016 22:51:53
I like the 2d20 system a lot. Skills having perks is really nice, and I enjoy the damage system. All of it has run better than I expected, with the exception of the economy mechanics, which are mostly crap. They aren't the kind of crap that ruins the game (as long as you don't take the price of spaceships and tanks seriously), but you will constantly be wondering "Why can't I just have credits and spend them like every other game."
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