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Zone Compendium 3 & Zone Master Bundle with 20% off both release!

posted Jul 28, 2016 16:08:40 by SteveHanson

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Hi there,

Today we've got a double treat for all Modiphius fans, which we hope you'll enjoy.

For Mutant: Year Zero fans, we've the release of Zone Compendium 3: "Die, meat eaters, die!", a set of five brand new adventures for fans of freaky post-apocalyptic roleplaying at the end of days.

For fans new to the Mutant: Year Zero universe, we've also created the Mutant: Year Zero Zone Masters Bundle, a fantastic offer which includes core book, all three Zone Compendiums, plus two Zone Sector adventures, with a massive 20% off, to let you sample the best of the universe for just $39.94.

Zone Compendium 3: "Die, meat eaters, die!" features five thrilling scenario locations including the New Kingdom of Deeproot, home of militaristic mutant rabbits, Blackhand’s Bar, HQ of the famed Zone Riders, The Garbage Masters, lair of the toad tribe, The Island of Doctor Life where a mysterious machine threatens all life and The Squirrel Wars, a tale of hounds and tail runners locked in endless combat.

However, if you've never sampled Mutant: Year Zero's compelling post-apocalyptic world then the Zone Masters Bundle is the perfect opportunity to do so. At one fell swoop you can own every major Mutant: Year Zero compendium and Zone Sector adventure including:

Mutant: Year Zero core book
Zone Compendium 1 - Lair of the Saurians
Zone Compendium 2 - Dead Blue Sea
Zone Compendium 3 - "Die, meat eaters, die!"
Zone Sector 1: The Doom Sphere
Zone Sector 2: Denizens of the Sink Hole

We hope existing fans and new players will take this opportunity to explore Mutant: Year Zero's amazing universe and look out for most Mutant: Year Zero publications coming soon!
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