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Mutant Abilities

posted Jul 26, 2016 10:24:26 by LeyOsborne
Hi All - been playing the game for a little while now - maybe explored 10 zones outside the Ark. Great game - we love it.

We had an arena fight last night and it was a bit anti-climatic. Our Enforcer fought a basic no-role Ark bum. They rolled initiative, the bum won, used his 3 mutant points on pathokinesis and won the fight. There was literally nothing the Enforcer player could have done. He didn't get a roll. It was lose initiative and lose the battle.

I don't know if I have a point exactly - I suppose I just didn't like that there wasn't really much to it and nothing the enforcer player could have done. Though he did take combat veteran on level up :)
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Fenhorn said Jul 26, 2016 15:28:13
Mutations are extremely powerful and should be used with care and against big enemies or in important and difficult situations.

It is not that balanced if allowed to be used in Arena battles. Those times that I have done Arena fights (rare), mutations are not allowed (unless you can get away with it, probably hard since people are watching).
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MonsterZero said Jul 27, 2016 21:52:08
Yeah, just gotta lay down some arena rules for more entertaining fights. Maybe limit mutations to Battle Royals or P.C./N.P.C. vs. Monster(s) fight. Also a good idea to plan for other contingencies, such as weather to allow Chroniclers to help/hider a fight(I usually give'em -2 for crowd noise), rules for spotting someone using mutations outside the ring to influence the fight(stealth healing with parasite is a popular one), what limits to bets they can make, and so on. And if you got the time, give the players a rough schedule as to what kind of fights are happening when. For example, one on one bare knuckle brawl is on day X, and the 3-way bat+shield match is on day Y.
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