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Genlab Alpha unfair?

posted Jul 20, 2016 23:31:36 by Min Lungelow
So, my players just aired a problem that I wholely understand about the Genlab alpha campaign mechanics.
Everything seems to ride on chance. They just had their two starting cells die within 2 turns (one each) because of a bad dice roll.

Is there no way for them to circumvent a high Danger level mechanically? It definitely seems a little unfair, seeing as the main action that gives them bonuses also telegraph where they'll be next round...
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Fenhorn said Jul 21, 2016 08:48:17
At least they still have themselves (i.e. the players character), can't they do things themselves. Sure, it is harsh but the MGA campaign is suppose to be.
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TomasFriaLigan said Jul 21, 2016 09:29:41

The rules are quite harsh, yes. It is definitely advisable to start out with low or zero-Danger operations (such as Spreading the Word, Disinformation and Reconnaissance) in the beginning, until Insurgency rates have gone up, and then Recruit more cells (Danger: 1) before trying the more risky Operations.

If all non-PC cells have been wiped out, I'd advise the PCs to do Recruitment Operations asap. :) The mechanical effect (a new Cell is recruited) is the same as if id had been a non-PC Operation. The campaign works fine even with no non-PC Cells available, it will just be a little tougher. :)

Oh - I just spotted a typo in the book: the headline on the table on page 147 should be "RESISTANCE OPERATIONS" (not "PC OPERATIONS").

Hope that helps!
Unslain said Jul 23, 2016 20:59:25
My players have set both starting cells to Reconnaissance in their home territories (ready for Recruit ops next turn), while the PCs go Recruit elsewhere. Yes that tells me as GM where they'll act next turn but the Watchers don't have to know everything that I know. For the time being, until a cell does something active (an Operation that involves Danger Dice) or the PCs give themselves away somehow, I figure that the Watchers haven't noticed anything going on yet.

Sounds like your players could do with a break. You could decide that one or both cells went into hiding rather than got wiped out, and they can reform in time for the next Strategic Turn. In your shoes, I'd penalise these cells by taking away a base die from their Operation this turn as they probably lost a member or two. But then I am a fairly cruel GM.

Alternatively, have one of the Resistance NPCs reveal a new cell elsewhere that they've been recruiting in secret.
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