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John Carter Paper Tent Miniatures

posted Jul 19, 2016 09:54:16 by DerekHand
So, I was bored and thought I'd whip up some paper miniatures for John Carter like I did for my Conan quickstart demos. Included is an image with examples of all the characters.

Print them out on Cardstock, cut out along the dark black lines, and score the dotted lines, fold using tabs. Then mount to some sort of base for weight. (Washers are cheap and work well for this, I used aluminum Arcade Tokens)
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NickRiggs said Jul 19, 2016 19:00:01
Oh man, if only I'd seen those in time...!
Remi Fayomi (a.k.a. Negromaestro) said Jul 27, 2016 23:02:48
Thanks for these character paper miniatures. Very useful, especially the squads of blackmen and redmen. I already got my heroic character standees for John Carter, Dejah Thoris, and Tars Tarkas.
MarvBreig said Sep 04, 2017 13:23:02
Those paper minis are great, and thanks for sharing. Now if I just had a bunch of Tharks... :-)
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NinaBlain said Sep 20, 2017 16:28:50
Thanks! These are great :)
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