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Chapter 7 PREVIEW Feedback

posted Jul 15, 2016 17:34:18 by ChrisBirch
Please add your comments here!
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Doug Justice said Jul 15, 2016 18:32:10
Under Eastern Sorcery p164, Kerim Shah is listed as an example practioner. Should be Khemsa?
HallieGaskins said Jul 15, 2016 19:17:19
How does one go about getting the chapter previews that has purchased a pledge level?
ChristopherMountenay said Jul 15, 2016 19:38:15
I'm liking this chapter, but I am having trouble grasping how ingredients work. For instance, how many ingredients are needed to make a petty enchantment? Is this something that will be explained in the Carousing section or am I missing something?
DerekHand said Jul 15, 2016 20:22:10
Hmmmmm, was really hoping there would be some rules/guidelines about creating your own spells, since my plan is actually to use Conan to run my own setting. Kinda Disappointed. Maybe it'll be in the Gamemaster chapter?
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Marc-AndréDurand said Jul 15, 2016 20:59:41
Well it's a complicated chapter so i'll reserve my judgement, but there's one typo/incorrect translation on page 173: the use of the obviously french word "outré". I'm not sure it's mean what you want it to mean.

A person can be "outrée" BY depraved magic, the magic itself can't. The word "outrageant" (grammatically correct in this case: "outrageante") would be closer to what you mean: that create indignation. I suppose it is what you mean.

If what you mean is something like "beyond", it's simply should be "outre", with a normal "e".

The second is more poetic, but the first is more howardian.
Doug Justice said Jul 15, 2016 22:21:17
Under I Will Take Your Heart on p181 it mentions a Range of 4. Is this a typo?
Doug Justice said Jul 15, 2016 22:27:07
Under Form of a Beast Cost, the sentence isn't formatted correctly.
Doug Justice said Jul 15, 2016 22:28:42
Last sentence under Talismans p171 references the table below which is on the previous page.
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VenomousFiligree said Jul 15, 2016 23:06:09
Page 174

To cast a spell, you must take a Minor Action to Focus...
By choosing not to Focus...

So must you focus, or can you choose not to?
VenomousFiligree said Jul 15, 2016 23:10:54
Page 174-175

Consequences is not clear (to me) and needs an example or better clarity in the text.
Doug Justice said Jul 16, 2016 02:09:43
Under Sample Transformations p184

It says "Sorcerors using these spells must either..."

We're not given the OR, perhaps "either" should be removed
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ChristopherMountenay said Jul 16, 2016 05:23:09
On page 184, under the spell, "And Now You May Die," (amazing name by the way) it says that it causes "1 Injury plus 1 additional Injury..." The capitalization suggests that it's supposed to be a game term, but it's not one that we've encountered. Is it meant to be "Wound"?
ChristopherMountenay said Jul 16, 2016 05:31:03
"The Shadow on the Wall" on page 191 has the "Fearsome" quality to his attack, but no numeric value to go along with it.
CaseyShelangoski said Jul 16, 2016 05:55:38
Consequences is not very well described. Also, the difficulty columns for the petty enchantment have format issues.

I am alos confused about petty enchantments in general. What ranges are these when used as weapons? how many ingrideants does each enchantment require? Also, the ingredients special rules doesnt make much sense
CaseyShelangoski said Jul 16, 2016 06:06:28
i believe the difficulty for the target the inanimate use of dismember should be D3 and not D0
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