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New GM: question of party members and era

posted Jul 04, 2016 13:33:12 by MagnusEriksson
Hi, new to the game (but not the universe) of MC. Starting out our first Campaign in 3rd edition and a bit curious about other peoples Campaigns and party composition. Is a freelancer party with a lot of ex-Corporations the way to go? Or would that feel too shoehorned? A blood beret, samurai and a chasseur all meet up in a bar... The MC universe is so huge and full of options so the prospect of choosing a direction is almost overwhelming.

I also have hade serious headaches about which era to play in. Has anyone tried the intro scenario Straffargatan, but in Dark Legion era? Would that even work?

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Nathan.Dowdell said Jul 04, 2016 15:53:08
The Straffar Gatan 39 adventure relies, in many places, on the tension of the unknown. In the later eras, the horrors of the Dark Symmetry aren't as much an unknown as they are at the start of the Dark Symmetry Era (when SG39 is set), and organisations exist to confront such horrors (such as the Brotherhood, and the Doomtroopers).

I've found that the Dark Symmetry Era works better for players newer to the setting - they don't have to know much about the setting beyond the rough archetypes of the big four corporations, and the rest of the setting can be revealed to them over time.

As for campaign structure, I've had success with "Cartel Troubleshooter" as a concept - eclectic groups of individuals from different corporations (as well as freelancers and others) gathered on behalf of the Cartel to search out and solve problems.

Once you've gotten books for individual factions, it's easier to run a single-faction game,
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MagnusEriksson said Jul 05, 2016 07:45:26
Thanks for the quick reply Nathan!

Since 3 of 4 players know the setting from Warzone, Siege of the Citadel etc (put haven't played the rpg) we ended up with DL era. Maybe I'll run Straffar Gatan as an one-off introduction to the rules with pre-mades.

We ended up with an interesting but maybe hard-worked group: A Capitol corporate/Politician, an ex-Mishima microcorp now turned Freedom brigade Capitol, A Cybertronic TIFF RMD Techno Archeologist and a Cybertronic TIFF Silent. Maybe that "Cartel troubleshooter" or a "Cybertronic/Capitol friendly effort" could work.

Making characters was fun but pretty advanced (of course trying to add all the sourcebooks didn't make it easier). I am sure we did a lot of mistakes (handling 3rd and 4th careers comes to mind).
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