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Rules Question - Phaser & "Suppression"

posted Jul 03, 2016 18:42:23 by Slawick CHARLIER
I had a hard time reading the rule section of the book, with many rules unclear to me. Here is one I wasn't able to solve, if anyone can help, that would be cool!

Phase weapons (page 41) specifies that Faction symbols count as bonus to both normal damage and suppression. But what "suppression" is? I wasn't able to find anything regarding any suppression rule?
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Norlando Hernan Zapata Del Nibletto said Jul 04, 2016 00:18:36
Looking foward to an appropiate reply to your questions. Since I'm newbie to Dust Adventures, I need all the rules clear.

I have some questions myself, if you know the answer, that would be helpful:

The Range in the weapon tables are measured in meters?
What's the meaning of the Rank" column in the weapon table?
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