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Rules Question - Designing an item

posted Jul 03, 2016 18:58:20 by Slawick CHARLIER
Hello! Here is another post for another rule question, althrough larger than the one I've posted previously (hope you'll excuse my english, I'm french).

I would need help on several question in fact:

1/ Page 52, it is said that weapon gizmos have a free rating in AC and Capacity equal to the number of gizmoteer ranks placed in the item. But in the example at step 2, those free ratings do not seem to be taken in account: Capacity: 3 => 1.5 points, AC 2 => 2 points, total 3.5, when I was expecting:
Capacity: 3, 1 free + 2 => 1 points, AC: 1 free + 1 => 1 point, total 2 points
Am I missing something here?

2/ Range: There's a range bonus available as enhancement, but what is the default range? Also, in the hell glove example (Page 52), there's a -1 bonus for taking a C range weapon, but I wasn't able to find anywhere this bonus is specified (I was expected some "Close range flaw")

3/ Overall, I wasn't able to understand how any of the weapons of the walkers example (Page 59) lead to the specified cost. They are costs in the vehicle weapon lists (page 70 for Allies weapons), but they are not aligned with the cost given in those example, and I wasn't able to find anywhere that would specifies how to use those cost. Also, I do not understand what the "sup" column means.
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