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Newbie questions.

posted Jul 03, 2016 04:41:57 by Norlando Hernan Zapata Del Nibletto
Hi! I'm reading the PDF of Dust Adventures and I really like some mechanics in the rulebook. Some other stuff gets me confused...

I wanted to create a heavy ranger character and picked up the 60W Phaser in the Package choice. Where do I put the "Attack: Special 1" (p.14) Skill for the Phaser gun? It still counts for Attack (Firearms)?.

The Range in the weapon tables are measured in meters?
What's the meaning of the Rank" column in the weapon table?

Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for my english.
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Davidx said Aug 12, 2016 04:29:51
I'm almost positive that this is the skill rank. Though the book was not proofread very well so who really knows. It's like in the gizmo section it says some items have a "Restricted" feature but its literally no where to be seen in the book. (Maybe the rank = restricted via ranks?) It also says to look at the "Pyramid" icons for discoveries or strange world hooks but yea, that's not there either.
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