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Ark Projects

posted Jul 03, 2016 14:55:43 by KennPike
Hello, I was reading through ark build projects and I am questioning something. Why is it that the less party members you have the less build points required for a project. seems that the less people you have the quicker projects get completed? Am I missing something??
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Fenhorn said Jul 03, 2016 16:44:17
The idea is to have a balance for your campaign. It has nothing to do with how many people are doing what. In the game, it is probably more or less the entire Ark that builds the various projects. The players are the one who rolls for their skills because the are the focus in the campaign (as in most RPG campaigns, if not all).

So for example if you have one group, with one GM and four players, it will cost them 12 WPs to build the project Cropland. Another group, with one GM and two players, the same Cropland project will cost 6 WPs to build. On the average a player will generate one WP per session. So both of this of this group will finish the project Cropland in about three sessions. Both playing groups will have a good pace. Storywise it is a whole lot of people that builds the Cropland, the players are just some important persons in this mix.

If we instead would have gotten fixed WP costs, the group with only two players would have to spend about six sessions to build the Cropland. That is way to slow and would make the Ark game very boring.
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