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New GM advice

posted Jun 29, 2016 14:25:37 by ScottDippel
I'm sorry if this has been posted somewhere else, but I've tried looking and couldn't find the answers. Perhaps you lads and lasses can help.

In regards to the people's projects an ark can embark on, how do most GMs work out the work points with roleplaying? It seems to me that the work points don't represent an amount of time, but roleplaying should be the important factor. For example, cropland farms food for the ark, but should this be run as an expedition first in which the PCs need to find the seeds first? I don't want to drag out something that should be fun. My group seems bent on projects instead of zone exploration.

Also, a quick question about zone ghouls. According to what I've read, the scariest group in the wasteland are the mysterious Zone Ghouls, but without mutations and mediocre stats, they seem to not be much of a threat. Should I use them in large numbers?
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Fenhorn said Jun 29, 2016 20:24:56
Most projects is handled summarily but sometimes I have an event of some sort around it. To force the players to have some basic equipment and/or resources (e.g. seeds) could give a bonus to the skill roll for the project (or perhaps give a penalty if the players start the project without it). When it comes to time and projects the game is meant to be abstract. However, I have made a calendar and on that I mark days as they go. For projects I usually mark a couple of days up to a week (depending on what the projects they where working on where).
My group doesn't care for expeditions either, so I use one of the bosses to send out the players (and a couple of NPCs). If the players refuse to obey the boss, well a boss has ways of making things happen and it's not smart to have a boss as an enemy (can be fun play if it happens).

Zone Ghouls are meant to be used in large numbers. Also, remember that they act at night (they don't like the sun very much). It is hard to fight during the night. I don't think it is written (I can't remember) that they are nocturnal but if they have lived their entire life avoiding the sun and only do their scavenging hunting raids when it's dark they must have adapted. Regardless if you use this nocturnal thing or not, any combat in the dark is very dangerous. If the sector is search during daytime, the stalker knows that there are Zone Ghouls in the sector (in tunnels, sewers, etc) but if the stalker knows his Zone Ghouls, he knows that they won't attack while the sun is up.
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ScottDippel said Jun 30, 2016 14:48:22
Calendar is a great idea! Thanks for the info about Zone Ghouls.
MonsterZero said Jul 02, 2016 22:49:10
With the projects, you can role play those as much as you want. A good one is the stables. Have the players round up breeding stock like Bitter Beast eggs (my favorite), or horses.
As for the ghouls, go for bush-whacking. Hit and run, ambush, and traps, traps, traps.
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