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John Carter of Mars - Alpha Playtest Discussion

posted Jun 29, 2016 17:58:16 by ChrisBirch
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TimDeForest said Jun 29, 2016 18:23:06
Thanks for picking me as part of the playtest. I'm looking forward to giving it a try soon.

Brett Christensen said Jun 29, 2016 18:29:34
Time for some coffee and a read through.
BryceWhitacre said Jun 29, 2016 18:39:28
The fearlight game crew is going to be playing some! We are in-between baker street and robin hood projects. We have a bout 5-6 players. I noticed the document just has D.T. John Carter, and Tars. Are you adding more characters?
AllenShock said Jun 29, 2016 19:13:57
Thanks for adding me ti the playtest!
JohnMcClureKimmins said Jun 29, 2016 19:17:27
Thanks for picking me to help with the playtesting. I'm looking forward to it.
Randi H. said Jun 29, 2016 19:23:33
I've been looking forward to this for like ever!
RobertoRivera said Jun 29, 2016 19:31:47
I'm still trying to see who I can gather together to help me try this out. My best times to try it would be wednesday's, saturday's and sundays. :3

I can't wait to see what this game has to bring. I just got into the Warlords of Mars Series.
ScottRhymer said Jun 29, 2016 19:32:37
Hoping to get some playtesting in next week. Maybe this week, if i finish the read before game night.
Benn said Jun 29, 2016 20:09:27
@bryce the playtest is very much an alpha playtest. Feel free to duplicate characters and play around with the attributes in the short term. Ill see if we can offer some additional characters in the medium term.

Everyone's welcome in the pit!

TimHintsala said Jun 29, 2016 20:12:00
Can't wait!
jkahane1 said Jun 29, 2016 20:13:12
Hullo, Modiphius folks,

Thanks for letting me being part of the playtest of the JC of Mars rpg. I've been looking forward to this for some time. :)
NormanRay said Jun 29, 2016 20:45:32
Thanks a lot for the playtest. First thing I noticed were the typos in the names. Dejah is missing an "h" when first mentioned and she is named "Thoras" in the end. Carthoris is "Cathoris". I Like the skill-less system idea! Time to grab some D20 and D6s!

I think that in the terrain section should be mentioned the ocher moss that covers most of Barsoom instead of sand.
KeesBertens said Jun 29, 2016 20:46:50
Thanks for picking me for the playtest.
KeesBertens said Jun 29, 2016 20:48:12
The rules intro on page 1 mention that Dust uses 2d20. I think this should be Infinity, like with the momentum system below that.
TimDeForest said Jun 29, 2016 21:00:57
I have a couple of questions:

I DO realize this is an Alpha playtest and is meant to be bare bones. I also like it A LOT so far--I enjoy a system that gives the GM a lot of leeway in assigning difficulty numbers to tasks.

I do have a few questions that I think would make playtesting even on this level more productive. If these questions are answered in the rules, I promise to be suitably embarrassed.

1) Do players have a starting amount of Threat and Luck to spend? Also, when a player uses a Threat for an extra die roll, how does the GM then get empowered by this? If we just aren't worried about using Threat and Luck in this first playtest, then that's fine.

2) When characters fight each other, I assume that the GM is looking at their respective attributes and assigning Difficulty numbers to their respective attacks as per his best judgement?

3) How does Defending work? Is it used to cancel out a successful attack, or is it used to make an attack against the player more difficult?

I'm really enthusiastic about this game. I like what I see about the Momentum system and my questions are just to make sure we have a playtest session that does show us how well the system works in practice.
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