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Chapter 6 PREVIEW Feedback

posted Jun 29, 2016 15:27:25 by ChrisBirch
Post feedback on the gear chapter here
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Xorron said Jun 29, 2016 20:02:23
In the Weapons Charts there is the rider Avaiabilty .. its not realy explaned in the Weapons section ...
the sentence: are explained elsewhere is not good enough .. either explain it again or we need a pagenumber ( but i would prefer to see it explained again at page 148 )
under missile weapons ( page 157 ) i would explain the recover rules for Missile Weapons again
selling items 140 ... you get one gold more per momentum ...shouldnt this be relativ to the value?

so some herbes that would cost 1 gold give you 1,5 gold and a hauberk insteda of 14 you get 15 gold ?
as i didndt see any gems this differnec could be even more i assume

will there be a complete list of all the tables of the book at the end of the book or maybe as a pdf to make this easier for the gm ?
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Marc-AndréDurand said Jun 30, 2016 00:25:24
page 144, the part "For entries marked(...)" should be at the end of the page.
DerekHand said Jun 30, 2016 01:59:20
Is there no generic equipment table then?

And the Kits Table seems rather confusing... Would have made more sense to have separate Kit, Facility, Resrouces, etc. tables. Right now it's just kind of a jumbled mess that is nearly impossible to comprehend without reading the previous paragraphs, which are also not in any way obviously shown as to relate to the table.
Marc-AndréDurand said Jun 30, 2016 02:00:03
page 159, there's no armor qualities stated. Which one is noisy?
VenomousFiligree said Jun 30, 2016 05:30:47
A quartestaff is mentioned in the text, but no weapon appears in the lists

A pony is mentioned in the text, but no entry appears in the lists
Doug Justice said Jun 30, 2016 20:58:40
On p147 under Sorcerous Garb "from human bone to a n elaborate mask..."

There is a space between a & n should be an
Doug Justice said Jun 30, 2016 21:35:12
I assume the Great Hammer listed on p151 should be the Sledge hammer described on p153
Doug Justice said Jun 30, 2016 21:40:14
Under axes on p153 it mentions that wood axes are often used as improvised weapons, should the wood axe have improvised quality or is this just flavor?
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Doug Justice said Jun 30, 2016 21:49:21
On p154 the last paragraph under Spears and Polearms, the paragraph begins by saying "The Polearms described below..." However, below begins the topic of shields.
Doug Justice said Jun 30, 2016 21:51:02
Should the shield and tower shield have the same encumberance?
LucaCherstich said Jun 30, 2016 21:52:27
I generally do not like each weapon to not have its own separate entry, but at least you grouped them by weapons groups, and that's good.

Regarding armor:
You choose to list armor subtypes (especially for Heavy armor) under the description of each armor "Generic" type.
I feel it gives confusion and each armor should have his own entry in a table, maybe showing EXACTLY which qualities it has.

P.158. The Heavy Armor part has no sense to me.
Why do you spend all that text mentioning differences between Coat of plates and Scale and both have the same stats and the same HEavy quality?
wasn't worth to add some granularity playing with tiny differences in soak, cost and Encumbrance?

HEavy and Very Heavy qualities.
Why do you give the SAME name to both armor types and armor qualities?
I feel this is going to make confusion.

For example, the Great Helm is "Very Heavy Armor"....but does it have the very heavy quality?
David Thomas said Jun 30, 2016 21:56:29
@Xorron - You can only earn up to the original price of the item, even with Momentum, so selling things already is sort of relative to price.
LucaCherstich said Jun 30, 2016 22:09:20
P.158. An example of the possible confusion Armor Type/Armor Qualities with same name.
Mail Armour is a Heavy Armour (according to armor type) which has NOT the Heavy armor quality but the Noisy quality...
Doesn'it sound confusing?
LucaCherstich said Jun 30, 2016 22:11:11
@Marc-AndréDurand : I guess only the Mail armour.
Neverthells I would strongly SUGGEST Modiphius to have a more detailed Armor table with multiple types (e.g. different entries for Mail, Scale and Coat of Plates) and showing the armor qualities for each entry.
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Doug Justice said Jun 30, 2016 22:33:15
On p156 under Hidden X.

It say "The attack..."

Should it begin "The weapon..."?

Also, the last sentence says "This differs from the Subtle Quality in that is used when the weapon is concealed, not when it is in use. "

Should say " that it is used when..."
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