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watermarked pdf on drivethrurpg

posted Jun 23, 2016 09:58:32 by ikerios
i bought the core book on dtrpg and i was very happy that it was without watermarks of any sorts. After that i bought the Mutant Chronicles 8000 [BUNDLE] and was very sad to find out that all corps sourcebooks are watermarked. One of my player was a baker and all his sourcebooks are without watermark so i'm asking if it's intended or just something left unintentionally there and can be changed.
Watermarks make the print ugly and the render slower, expecially on phones and tablets. (tested comparison with my mate unwatermarked books).
Side Question: are the pdf on your store watermarked too?

Thanks in advance.

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avatar said Jun 24, 2016 18:05:32
Any PDF you buy on drivethruRPG or its spinoff sites will come watermarked, it's not just a thing for mutant chronicles, it's everything they sell. As for the PDFs through the modiphius store they're unmarked, just had a look through the volumes I bought through there.
SteveHanson said Jun 25, 2016 04:10:48
If not already, they're probably going to start marking them in the online store too. They tried not marking them and then found a lot of filing sharing sites providing them for free. Marking doesn't necessarily stop the sharing, but it does let us know who's doing it.
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Vladimir said Jun 25, 2016 11:33:28
Not really. What some people had marked, other people clean.
Same happens in PC gaming. Companies come up with DRM, hackers break it. The only thing it does is delay the pirate release. But delays probably boost sales, I don't know.
ikerios said Jun 25, 2016 16:40:55
It's not true that all pdf of DTRPG is watermarked, for example ALL pdf sell by white-wolf/onyx path are without any.
Now that i search around i found you can tell it by the red label when selecting product: for example the core book has wrote just "PDF" and that's unwatermarked, the dark soul one has "Watermarked PDF" on it.
I don't believe is a technical limitation of DTRPG but that's up to the published to decide. Considering the modiphius store has them clean i would just understand by an official source if that's gonna change or no.

Thanks :)

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