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Character Sheet PREVIEW Feedback

posted Jun 23, 2016 17:39:46 by ChrisBirch
please post comments on the draft sheet here
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Bluddworth said Jun 25, 2016 18:17:30
To me a Character sheet should be a display of your character as he/she is at the start of an adventure and may in fact remain unchanged until attributes change, expertise or focus is gained, or additional skills, and or traits are gained.

A separate adventure sheet, which keeps track of "at the moment" changes is used during game play.

As for equipment and other gear such as weapons / armor and possessions, those too acn be placed on a separate sheet as they too may change frequently.

A character sheet MUST be fillable (edit function) and limit the graphics / color requirement to keep modification and reproduction cost down.

To be honest, I like the one I created for myself, but I have taken some inspiration from your's to create an Adventure Scratch Sheet for those 'At the Moment" changes.
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bhex said Jun 26, 2016 17:11:03
Add boxes for all the values and remove colors.
Marc-AndréDurand said Jun 26, 2016 18:52:20
I think that a "Career Talent" or "Archetype talent" is missing, probably in place of the "Bloodline Talent" which will not be in use for all players.
Iain Brogan said Jul 04, 2016 10:03:17
I agree with many of the comments above. The sheets are functional (just) but extremely ugly/boring and certainly not ground breaking in usability terms.

Having to search for skills on sheet creates drag during the game - not good in a fast-paced action game. I guess we'd get used to where things are eventually, but not great design. Also the sheets should support the game mechanics (which are quite complicated). Derek mentions the lack of logic to the flow of e.g. TN and Focus. People (in the West at least) tend to parse information right to left. The design should support this where appropriate.

The biggest issue however, is the lack of atmosphere and soul. As mentioned by Derek, this is (bar having a miniature) the biggest Player connection to the game and it makes me feel like I'm playing Conan: Adventures in an Age of Accountancy and Tax Returns.

I quite like the border (as it's pretty much the only flavour interest on the sheet) and I would print borderless to accommodate it. But this should be an option not default, which should take into account the most likely printer set-up (i.e. unable to print full-bleed).

In summary, make the character sheet support the game mechanics, rules and provide short-cuts or ways to simplify complex concepts or maths. Please, please make it more interesting and evocative of this amazing game and all the effort you've put into the production values everywhere else.
Iain Brogan said Jul 04, 2016 21:31:15
Err - I'm pretty sure this is not an alpha, Bruce. The books coming out this month!

So, these have all be very constructive comments on what's lacking from a thematic and final presentation perspective. The rules are there as far as I'm aware, it's now down to the last editing and clarity of explanation of those rules in the actual books - which includes layout and production values.
SteveHanson said Jul 05, 2016 03:32:23
This is a preview of the final. Any and all errors that you find are appreciated.
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raymondd.hale said Jul 14, 2016 21:28:10
I actually like the character sheet. I find the functionality of a sheet to be more important than flair. That being said, I have a few questions/ concerns about the existing sheet:

In the Talents section, the two Caste talents have an entry for Skill, but no Caste talents thus far are directly tied to a particular skill, just like the Homeland talents.

The Bloodline talent should be the last on the page, as most characters will not possess it.

There is no named/labeled talent box for Archetype/Career, which would be better placed in the position where Bloodline talent is now.

Under the Attacks sections, you have an entry for Grip and Size. It was my understanding that these were identical, but I could be mistaken. If not, it should be better clarified in the Equipment chapter.
Marc-AndréDurand said Jul 15, 2016 06:03:11
@Raymond If there were such thing as a thumbs up button in the forum, I would have simply used it for you. Excluding the Bloodline/Archetype flaw (and the caste one, that i didn't saw), I too love the page. It's simple, it have the useful stuff on the first page, and everything can fit in.
AsheMarler said Sep 26, 2016 04:31:45
Where is this Character Sheet for us backers to look at? I have downloaded all the chapters available thus far.

Luke JW said Sep 26, 2016 20:07:38
There is a link to the character sheet in the KS Updates.
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