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Character Sheet PREVIEW Feedback

posted Jun 23, 2016 17:39:46 by ChrisBirch
please post comments on the draft sheet here
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NimrodYanai said Jun 23, 2016 17:55:07
Consider making several character sheet variants.
Also consider having the skills for each ability in a unified, alphabetical list instead of devided by ability, so they can be easier to find (so that when the DM tells you to roll something, you don't search all the abilities for it).
trystero said Jun 23, 2016 18:21:33
All three variants say "TM & © 2014 Wizards of the Coast LLC" at the bottom of the sheet. Have I missed something? Shouldn't that be "2016" and Modiphius and/or Conan Properties International?
RossWheeldon said Jun 23, 2016 18:48:08
Personally I believe a black and white variant is a must. This saves people's colour print cartridges from emptying after one print.
K Foote said Jun 23, 2016 19:25:35
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Johannes'Waldgeist'Rebhan said Jun 23, 2016 20:38:13
It's a bit boxy. Looks too much like old 3.5 D&D sheets. Get rid of a good amount of the boxes. Typographically you don't need vertical lines that much, because space separates elements with less visual clutter. Also if you have alternating backgrounds in lists you already have a visual separation. Adding another white line is redundancy and visual clutter. But that goes for the lists in the rule book too, so if you HAVE to keep that styling, even though it's not necessary for clarity, I guess you have to keep it for consistency.

Other than that it's very functional and will work.
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DerekHand said Jun 23, 2016 20:56:26
As a semi-professional Character Sheet reviewer and Enthusiast I have a lot to say. But I need to focus my thoughts.

But I will mention right now, having ANY color where a person writes is a bad idea. If they print it with inkjet they area will get really messed up when erased, and if they print with Laser or get them printed at Staples or Kinkos, the colored area will be slick from the printing process, making it difficult to write on. if you must have colored areas make them as light as possible. Colored areas also make even the backgroundless sheet an ink killer for home printers.

I also have very strong opinions about a character sheet embodying the setting within it's design because, often times, a character sheet is the only physical representation of character at the table, and the thing players are looking at the most, so it should say to anyone looking at it "Hey! This is Conan!" These sheets are functional, but not evocative.

Also, the borders are a little silly because, if the sheet is printed at it's proper size they will be mostly cut off, since the majority of printers and copy machines have at least a 1/4 inch deadzone border. very few basic printers can do a full bleed, which means they'd hafta shrink to fit, which then means space is wasted.

Also, I would either have Focus last or First. because having it in between Expertise and TN implies that Focus is added to come up with the TN. So I would separate it a little bit and put it first or last.
David Thomas said Jun 24, 2016 01:16:47
I really don't like it.
I understand it has to contain a lot of info, but it has zero atmosphere and character. It's just a bland spreadsheet.

Talents honestly just need to be a seperate page of their own, like spells are. That way we don't have to use those pages if we are just going to copy, paste, and print out the talents and spells. (That's what I'll do)

An information page (Attributes, Skills, etc), an equipment page with the armor hit location chart, and then a talent page and spell page. Those are the essentials.

Also, I agree that there needs to be a completely black and white printer friendly version.
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DerekHand said Jun 24, 2016 04:30:22
I disagree about the multiple pages... the Pregens showed us that there is absolutely nothing keeping this character sheet from being a single page. Heck, they didn't even use up the whole page. But that's my prejudice about multiple page sheets. If you can't fit everything on a single side of a single sheet the system is too complicated in my opinion. Though I agree on a separate Spells sheet, but only because that's going to be something that very few characters will need.

All I know is that now I really need to finish my own sheet.
Grivenger said Jun 24, 2016 10:45:09

I do not know if a single page will be enough; the system will allow you to accumulate many talents, I think. I definitely echo the sentiment that the character sheet looks too much like a spreadsheet, and the colours aren't printer-friendly. Personally, I also prefer a more thematic approach. Perhaps some art depicting the hit locations, much like Runequest 6 does in its character sheet.

David Thomas said Jun 24, 2016 11:27:00
You can't fit everything on a single sheet, not if you have any description of what your Talents do.
Characters start with 7 talents. (Pregens in Quick Start didn't have half of their starting talents)
But, you could fit everything except spells and talents on the front and back of a sheet, and still have room for some non-spreadsheet design to give it more personality.
(You could probably cram talents onto a half page, but they would occasionally need book cross-reference during play. I'd still print them on a separate sheet.)
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Sylvain Lafleche said Jun 24, 2016 13:19:31
The sheet looks functional to me.

It just lacks style. It's too 'boxy' for a fantasy setting.

Looks like it was done in excel.

Again it does the trick but it's just not a piece of art.
BruceBoragine said Jun 24, 2016 13:40:20
Like I said in the comments on the KS, the damage, stress and wound tracks should have a way to mark and clear them without constantly writing and erasing. Something on the border edge or edges. Using paperclips or such.
DerekHand said Jun 24, 2016 17:16:55
You very much can fit everything on a single page(except spells), believe me, I'm doing it currently. Trust me, designing character sheets is like my number 1 hobby, I managed to fit a complete 3.5 character sheet on a single side of a single sheet. It can be done.
David Thomas said Jun 24, 2016 20:12:30
@ Derek - post your sheet man, I will use it. (Though I highly suspect I'll still want to print Talents on a separate sheet.)
DerekHand said Jun 25, 2016 00:16:53
I'm sure you will, I know it has enough room for ME, but I have fairly small handwriting and tend to abbreviate heavily when doing stuff like Talents and feats in other games.

As soon as it's done I'll post it.
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