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Chapter 5 PREVIEW Feedback

posted Jun 23, 2016 17:39:08 by ChrisBirch
please post comments here
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David Thomas said Aug 11, 2016 13:14:36
Should Acrobatics really be able to avoid Melee and Ranged attacks?
As it is, besides the reduced Doom cost with Parrying weapons, it makes it much more appealing than Parry. It's useful for things other than combat, and it falls under Agility as does the Melee skill, making Agility the pure win Attribute for Melee.

If instead Acrobatics is only useful for dodging Ranged Weapons (plus all the other Acrobatic non-combat things), then everything falls into place. Now Agility and Coordination are both needed for combat expertise, both for Melee fighters and Ranged fighters. Also Parry, Parrying weapons, and Shields (for Parry vs Ranged) all become useful things again.

Parry should represent more than just interposing your weapon anyway, including footwork and directing the attackers weapon and arm away from you.
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BruceBoragine said Aug 11, 2016 13:21:25
When I think of acrobatics, I think of fencing; like European style and Asian style.
David Thomas said Aug 11, 2016 14:34:50
To me it should still fall under Parry, as Parry should include footwork and such as well. Meaning, fighters learn weapon avoidance, but gymnasts don't.

Mechanically, not using Acrobatics for Melee avoidance makes the game run better.

I'll houserule it, but I wanted to bring it up here for review.
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Wm Both said Sep 02, 2016 02:15:31
P.124 The Momentum Spends Table. I had read elsewhere that (quick start discussion of Reach and Guard), that the 2 momentum point spend to Break Guard can only be done after a successful attack. the table however does not mention that, and it also says that it can be accomplished as part of a defend action. Should the table read 'May only be used after a successful attack or Defend Reaction. The Target loses Guard.'

Perhaps this simply needs to be clarified for me a bit. Is the intent supposed to be that you can spend the momentum before the attack to break guard, thus making the reach issue moot? Or, is it meant to be something that is hard to get past, but once a character makes a successful hit, then he has the option to break the target's guard?
DerekHand said Sep 02, 2016 09:22:35
I think the reason for Acrobatics is because not every person in a melee fight is going to be armed with a Melee weapon and thus isn't always able to use the Parry skill.

I'm not going to let an unarmed person use Parry to block someone's sword(as the skill specifically states "Using a Weapon or Shield"), but they still need a way to avoid attacks, and as such they need a non-parry skill. And after having run several sessions I don't see how removing Acrobatics makes it run any better as I haven't had a single issue with it and it's been used a few times, every time by someone who's been disarmed, even though I have a character whose acrobatic is their best skill, they take the reduced cost sword parry every time.
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DerekHand said Oct 14, 2016 18:34:00
So... One person complained about Acrobatics, without any actual in-game examples of it being broken and they change it... Wow
AllenOwen said Oct 14, 2016 18:38:07
There was an ongoing discussion with the developers about Acrobatics on the G+ community. It wasn't just one guy on the forum here. They didn't change it completely; they found a compromise.
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