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Any communities of 2d20 Players

posted Jun 21, 2016 19:01:00 by Remi Fayomi (a.k.a. Negromaestro)
Hello everyone, I am curious to know if there are communities of fans who gather regularly just to play 2d20 games outside the Games Conventions like UK Games Expo?

I have run Mutant Chronicles only at Expos myself but am also thinking of setting a more casual meetup specially for 2d20 games like Mutant Chronicles, Infinity and Conan, but maybe a thriving community of players already exists.

Your responses will be much appreciated. Thanks. :-)

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Pat Murray said Jun 26, 2016 14:07:19
I know of 2 games that run bi weekly on Roll20! We also have a Skype channel where all the players talk. You could also try your luck on the Mutant Chronicles subreddit, but unfortunately no one really posts there. One of the groups might also be looking for a final regular player.

We've got a pretty solid grasp on the rules but between the games we're finding out little things we've been missing.
Remi Fayomi (a.k.a. Negromaestro) said Jun 27, 2016 20:09:40
Thank you, @PatMurray. I checked but could not find any Mutant Chronicles games I found several Warhammer 40K that I like, but I was hoping for Mutant Chronicles. Cheers.
Pat Murray said Jun 27, 2016 22:35:40
Ah, well the reason they didn't show up is cause our listings have expired! I possibly have room for a new player, but unfortunately our other session does not. I'll update my listing but I'm not sure how every other Thursday at 8pm (US eastern) would work for you.

On the other hand if you wanted to start your own campaign on roll20, creating listings is how I have found 75% of my players. Another option is to check out the Warzone Resurrection Facebook Group, which is the official unofficial Prodos page for the current edition of Warzone, you may be able to find a few people that are interested. Though the one hang up there is if you dont' have a facebook you're kind of left out in the breeze...

Warzone Facebook Group

Also if you'd be interested to sit in on a session or something we could probably make that happen.
Remi Fayomi (a.k.a. Negromaestro) said Jun 30, 2016 00:39:13
Thank you, Pat Murray, for the detailed response. A pity the Timezone issue will be too stressful for me. If it was weekends, then I could manage connecting with the American Timezone, but Thursdays, not on a regular basis (work on Fridays).

I will sign up to the Warzone group. Hopefully, the Warzone miniatures community will embrace the Mutant Chronicles RPG too.

I was just surprised at the low number of events with this and other 2d20 games, apart from the very popular Conan 2d20.

MarkTheurer said Jul 24, 2016 12:16:52
We are in the US (Texas) but we try to play MC in a semi-regular get together.

PeterSagefjord said Sep 06, 2016 08:29:36
I am running a MC tabletop campaign in Gothenburg Sweden :)
avatar said Oct 01, 2016 10:05:51
Hi all,
Im a big fan of Roll20 and am considering running some games on it including a 2d20 MC campaign. I live on the west coast USA but am retired with a fair amount of time on my hands and have a bit of flexibility as to when.

If anyone wants to git me up on FB look for on Skype I'm albiegamer.

Id also love to get in on a game as a player.

Al B.
ChaosCowboy said Dec 23, 2016 14:32:31
I'm going to be running a game online, starting with easing into the rules with the quick start adventure and then from there seeing where that takes us. I'm new to the game but not the setting and have put a lot of effort into the roll20 game's backend with references, links, tables, etc.

EDIT: Not quite as ready as I thought, going to hold off on the advertisement for the moment.
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Michael_Romanov said Jun 10, 2017 00:11:45
I started to run a MC campaign here in Germany, but in moment it extremely erratic when our sessions occur.
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Michael Romanov
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schielhau said Jun 16, 2017 19:26:23
I am a player in an ongoing Mutant Chronicles 3 campaign on Roll20 (in German, at GMT+1/+2 timezone).

I regularly run Conan games (multi-session games and one-shots) and Mutant Chronicles 3 games. Infinity I have only run a few short scenarios. And I have run a lot of sessions during the Star Trek Adventures playtes and the John Carter playtest.

Finding 2D20 games online I recommend joining the Google+ Communities. There are specific commmunities for MC3, Conan, etc., but there are communities for organising online games via Hangout, Discord, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc., too.

German-speaking 2D20 gamers might take a look at the Google+ Community "Rollenspieler (deutschsprachig)" where most of the german Google+ online gamers are to be found.

The vast majority of the online games I run and I play in get organised on Google+ (very comfortable: Events, private campaign Communities, Hangout videochats, Google Drive cloud service).
Using the built-in Roll20 LFG forums to find any 2D20 games has so far proven quite fruitless.

There are several Discord servers, one for 2D20 games and another for Modiphius games in general, where you can organise online games. Currently both are not that well known and have few users. With more activity on those servers it would be easier to find more games.
EDIT: here is the link to the 2D20 Discord server:
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john.lonewolf said Jan 21, 2018 00:04:24
Hi there!
We just started our own group of MC 3rd ed here in Modena, Italy. I put up a website to record our adventures! Also, I am studying the Dark Simmetry Campaign, which I will be running once we finish the introductory adventure one of my friends is running to make us acquainted with the system.
You can find the website here:
mattbell69 said Feb 22, 2018 18:04:30
I've got a great group that has managed to stick together for years, 20+

Over the last 1.5 years we've been playing MC and also added to the mix recently Conan. Within the group we also have John Carter on order.
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