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Father's Day Special - base game + FREE force deck

posted Jun 17, 2016 18:09:14 by SteveHanson
This Sunday is Father's Day and to help fathers everywhere celebrate, we've created a special Airfix Battles Father's Day Bundle, featuring our introductory Airfix Battles wargame, plus its first Force Deck expansion for just £24.99, meaning the bonus force deck worth £5 is FREE!

It's an ideal gift for Father's Day, offering a world of thrilling battles with Airfix soldiers, but make sure you order today, this special bundle is only available on the Father's day weekend starting tonight until midnight on the 19th June!

The perfect gift for Father's Day

A fast and fun introductory wargame playable with all your Airfix figures and vehicles. Airfix Battles comes with everything you need to play exciting World War Two battles straight out of the box including die cut cardboard counters for tanks, infantry and guns in case you don't have any figures to hand.

Airfix Battles lets you plan your army using the Force Deck. Draw the cards or select the ones you need to build an exciting army to challenge your friends. Set up the battle using step by step instructions in the Mission book and you're ready to play. Each player has a hand of Command Cards to move and fight their forces, or bring in artillery support. You'll never know what your opponent is going to do next!

Airfix Battles Contains
- 2 x Double-sided A2(420mm x 594mm) Maps
- Over 100 cardboard counters of US & German tanks, infantry and terrain!
- 1 x 16 page Mission Book
- 1 x 32 page Rule Book including rules for solo play up to 4 players
- 1 x 54 Card Force Deck (tanks, infantry, guns, officers,
- 1 x 54 Card Command Deck
- 10 x Six-Sided Dice

Bonus Force Deck
This Father's Day Special also comes with free Bonus Force Deck worth £5 which features:

- A bonus campaign in PDF: Airfix Battles: Operation Cobra giving you lots of extra missions to play!
- A 24 card Reinforcement Pack 1 consisting extra British units and tanks like the German King Tiger and Sherman Calliope rocket launcher tank!

We hope you enjoy this special Airfix bundle and happy Father's Day from everyone at Modiphius!
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