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Chapter 4 PREVIEW Feedback

posted Jun 17, 2016 18:02:22 by ChrisBirch
Please post feedback here
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BruceBoragine said Jun 19, 2016 12:04:10
Wow. I was reading that as successive not cumulative. IE 1 per level of increase, for a total of 3 for 3 levels of difficulty.
Shamrock said Jun 20, 2016 08:36:54
Second example on page 101

"Zelia’s companion Numonis, a priest of Mitra, is crossing
the jungles of Kush with her. Numonis’ player rolls
for a similar Resistance test, getting two successes, but
another of the dice results is a 20."

"But another of the dice results is a 20" it reads wrong. Either say "gets 2 success on the first dice, but the second is a 20". or ", but the other die results in a 20". Basically, you just can't add "another" without explaining what you started with.

Sorry if I'm being anal.
Be well,

BenceBenedek said Jun 20, 2016 17:49:42
Hi! Not much i can add here, the others have already covered what i've found. Just wanted to let you know, that "1 more person took the time to check it".

Br., Bence.
Mike_Weber said Jun 26, 2016 18:51:42
Page 99, Twenty-Sided Die (D20): "The first, and most commonly used dice type is a twenty-sided die," should be "most commonly used die type is a..." Using "dice" would mean multiple types are being referred to, and it would have to be "most commonly used dice types are..." and then list more than one die type, which is not what you were intending.

Page 100, Doug Justice already mentioned part of this, but first sentence: "In most circumstances, more than once dice of any given type are rolled at once." when it should be either "In most circumstances, more than one die of any given type is rolled at once." - or - "In most circumstances, multiple dice of different types are rolled at once." Because you are talking about a pool of dice, the second one flows better in my opinion.

Rounding Numbers: "Whenever you need to divide the result of a dice roll," it would sound better as "whenever you need to divide the result of die rolls," because you mean dice pool roll, but when you call it "a dice roll", 'a' and 'roll' are both singular.

Skill Tests: "The greater the number of successes scored, across the entire dice pool, the better the test’s result." may sound better as "The greater the number of successes scored in the dice pool, the better the test’s result."
Mike_Weber said Jun 26, 2016 19:08:47
Shamrock, I think that they were saying that Numonis got 2 successes with low rolls under the Target Number, (either with a single roll under his Resistance Focus for 2 successes, or 2 rolls under the Target Number but over the Resistance Focus for a single success each,) and another die of the dice pool was a 20, which is not only a failure because it was too high, but it was also a Complication. I do not think the example was intended to show that the Target Number was 20, which was explained right above the example.

Perhaps the example could restate that Numonis's Target Number is 10, or something, so that people will not get confused in the future, since this is immediately following the sentence about that topic. The thing that could be confusing is, Numonis could have a "10" skill, making this a 20 Target Number, and this is completely glossed over, so a little clarification in the example would be a great idea.
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Mike_Weber said Jun 26, 2016 20:36:15
Page 104, Struggles: "a character may instead be forced trying to best an opponent either directly", I think that either the word 'forced' or 'trying' should be removed and it works much better.

"When two characters are in direct opposition to one another," makes the characters things. When referring to people, typically the phrase is "in direct opposition of one another".

I skipped the Struggle example based on the comments earlier in this thread, but I would be interested in reading the corrected version of it when it is available.

Page 108, Saving Momentum: "Any points of excess Momentum in the group pool are discarded." might read better as "Any Momentum in the group pool in excess of this are discarded." I read this the first time thinking that excess Momentum was the amount above what I used in my turn, which I wanted to save, and if you discard all Momentum that you want to save then your group Momentum pool cannot increase, so I had to read this more than once to catch that you meant in excess of '6', but then you are boldfacing 3 lines of text when you combine those two sentences, which loses impact. The above edit will leave it as two sentences while pointing back to the previous sentence more directly.

Page 109, Create Opportunity (Immediate, Repeatable): "As noted later, no more than three bonus d20s may be used on a single skill test." This was mentioned in Chapter 2 and dozens of times in Chapter 3, plus probably a few times in Chapter 4 already, so I recommend saying "As noted previously," or "earlier".
VenomousFiligree said Jun 27, 2016 05:29:06
@Nathan, @David, yes I should have written 6!
DanielU.Thibault said Jun 30, 2016 00:58:52
Page 99, "Demetrius’ player" and later "Demetrius’ attack" should be "Demetrius’s player" and "Demetrius’s attack". The possessive s is subsumed into a word only when that word's ending s is the mark of the plural. When the ending s of a word is part of its normal spelling (as in Mars, James or Demetrius), it does not subsume the possessive.

I find the sequence of combat dice (1 = 1, 2 = 2, 3 = 0, 4 = 0) disconcerting. It could readily be changed to (1 = 0, 2 = 0, 3 = 1, 4 = 2), which has the advantage of being expressible as (d6 - 2, minimum of zero). This would not even affect the specially-made Conan combat dice.

Page 100, "more than once dice of any given type are rolled at once" should be "more than one of any given type of die are rolled at once". "These dice collectively are referred to" should be "These dice are collectively referred to".

"Zelia has a Resistance Skill Expertise of 2 and a Skill Focus of 2, which means [...] The 2 is also under her Resistance Focus of 3 [...]" is clearly wrong. It should be either "Zelia has a Resistance Skill Expertise of 2 and a Skill Focus of 3 [...]" or "[...] The 2 is also equal to her Resistance Focus of 2 [...]" 101, "There are a variety of ways by which players and the gamemaster may obtain additional d20s to roll during a skill test, and are described later in this section." should be "There are a variety of ways by which players and the gamemaster may obtain additional d20s to roll during a skill test; they are described later in this section."

"Whenever a result of a 20 is rolled" should be "Whenever a result of 20 is rolled".

"Numonis’ player" should be "Numonis’s player" (see above).

Page 102, "The People Of The Black Circle" should be "The People of the Black Circle".

"into each level, are described" should be "into each level are described".

"can reduce the Difficulty of a skill test, thus reducing the test’s Difficulty to Simple (D0)." should be "can reduce the Difficulty of a skill test to Simple (D0)."

"Shooting an enemy at long range in poor light" is missing its closing period.

Page 103, "If a test is Simple (D0), it does not require a test: it [...]" should be "If a test is Simple (D0), it does not require a dice roll: it [...]"
DanielU.Thibault said Jun 30, 2016 01:30:46
Page 104, Struggles: as Mike Weber says, "a character may instead be forced trying to best an opponent", should be "a character may instead be trying to best an opponent". It makes no sense otherwise.

"from Harek’s four success, yielding" should be "from Harek’s four successes, yielding"

Page 105, "SUCCESS AT COST" should be "SUCCESS AT A COST".

"There will be times when failed skill test may cause" should be "There will be times when a failed skill test may cause"

"and one for being allowed to succeed at cost." should be "and one for being allowed to succeed at a cost."

Page 106, "if the character has 1 or more ranks of Focus with the skill being attempted, the 1 result usually indicates two successes." Under which circumstances would a 1 not generate two successes, given that the character has Focus?

Assistance: What about Complications and Momentum? It seems momentum would be generated normally, but what about complications? I suspect they're also generated normally, regardless of whether the leader fails to score any successes or not, or fails to generate complications himself or not. Either way, this needs to be stated.
DanielU.Thibault said Jul 02, 2016 13:29:31
Page 107, "allowing him to achieve incredible, sometimes next-to-impossible feats of achievement." should be "allowing him to achieve incredible, sometimes next-to-impossible feats."

"when he faced at bay the knives of the maddened Wazulis" is really weird. "at bay" is generally used with "keep" in this sense (i.e. "cornered"). I'd rewrite simply as "when he faced the knives of the maddened Wazulis".

Page 109, "Immediate spends can be made the moment it is generated" should be Immediate spends can be made as soon as Momentum is generated".

"regardless of whether or not the test was passed or failed." should be "regardless of whether the test was passed or failed." (you can say "regardless of whether the test was passed or failed" or "regardless of whether or not the test was passed" but not both)

Page 110, "A task that might take a whole day, or several hours may now only take a single hour, for example." should be "A task that might take a whole day or several hours may now only take a single hour, for example." (that comma breaks the sentence's rhythm)
Bryan Rendell said Jul 29, 2016 04:12:06
PP 102 - "Doom As Complication" section, second sentence "Doom is a gamemaster resource, discussed in more detail on page XX of this chapter...". Doom is not really discussed in more detail in this chapter, or at least not in sufficient detail to warrant citing here. It is mentioned on PP 106 "Adding to Doom".
Bryan Rendell said Jul 29, 2016 04:14:00
Okay, it's mentioned a few more times than that. Should have used the search function first.
NikosFanaropoulos said Jul 31, 2016 07:38:38
Page 102 it say that all skills can be rolled untrained. According to the REH writings, magic is forbidden knowledge to the uninitiated and some knowledge is unknown even to the majority of those who practice magic (for example: other planes like yog, book of skelos, secret magical societies etc) now my question is how is it possible to allow an untrained roll that a barbarian (or any other random guy who is unfamiliar with magic) who never left his village and happened to have high willpower (for the untrained roll) could ever know any information about secret or forbidden knowledge from a pub or elsewhere? (Obviusly no high power mage would ever talk about such stuff in a pub or anywhere else so random guys could hear).

In a world where at the civilized kingdoms they burn magic practitioners, or in the barbaric lands where sorcery is feared and hated and even talking about necromancy is punished with death. I think rolling untrained sorcery and all of a sudden someone know about secret knowledge is against REH writings This is how someone can learn forbidden knowlege with some luck.

Character with 11 willpower giving 3 doom points (or using free common group momentum) can roll 5 dices with TN 11. This might be abit hard for getting 5 success but the odds are good for 3-4 successes.

Maybe sorcery shouldnt rolled untrained to avoid having a barbarian or any other untrained folk in the arts of sorcery to all of a sudden mock the group mage?
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David Thomas said Jul 31, 2016 16:50:36
Considering that the "group mage" will definitely have Expertise as well as Focus in the Sorcery skill, and also several of the Sorcery Talents, no unskilled roll is likely to "mock" them.

Also, Conan often has knowledge of supernatural things in REH's stories simply from his experiences or his superstitions. See The Vale of Lost Women where he has pretty deep knowledge about the monster he is facing, or Queen of the Black Coast where he shares some insights about reality and gods.

Just because Sorcery is often frowned upon, knowledge is still shared in the forms of superstitions.
NikosFanaropoulos said Jul 31, 2016 17:21:48
Yes but Conan is generally a whole different idea as character. I mean he had the personal experience from his adventures and some mages who were willing to risk and show some of their magic in front of him and/or telling him about it. REH describe Hyboria as a world where people do not talk about magic and magical items and such artefacts in a tavern (at least not talking about real stuff) and specially you would never hear anyone in a tavern talk about the black circle of stygia in aquilonia.

Now imagine a group of players who just start their adventure and have very few experience points (just the starting ones) and one of those characters happens to have high willpower (Not because he had magical studies or anything like that, just a random guy) and imagine now that this character had no travels in his life nothing at all he is born and raised in aquilonia or even worse in Cimmeria / Asgard etc. Now take the example of someone (maybe a mage in their group) discussing about black circle (which is a very tight and closed magical community) or ... don't know about an acheronian long lost magical artefact. How is it possible for someone who never left Cimmeria or any other barbaric or civilized nation who hate and burn people for practicing magic could ever know about the Black Circle? Imagine the reaction of the group's mage hearing from a barbarian who never had any adventure saying that he heard in a Cimmerian tavern talking about the black circle.

Hyboria is way different than D&D faerun world where in every village and city you see the local sorcerers who have shops and sell magical scrolls and powerful magical sword. In Hyboria the magic is powerful, hidden to the common folk and something that cause fear. I would understand a barbarian having Conan's experience in adventure to know lots of stuff but having the game rule allowing a young boy from cimmeria to roll an untrained sorcery skill and with using 3 dooms he is able to know what inner circle and what Acheron mages did or what Toth' Amon's ring does seems weird to me. I don't even know how a barbarian or any other newbie in adventure character could ever explain how he got this knowledge to the rest of the party.

In hyboria there are very few geographical areas (like stygia, zamora, khitai) where people talk more freely about magic. But even a barbarian who visited stygia and heard something about a magical ring that summons a horror named slave of the ring and that this ring belongs to goth Amon wouldn't ever talk about it in Cimmeria since it's a huge taboo
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