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Chapter 3 PREVIEW Feedback

posted Jun 11, 2016 12:43:27 by ChrisBirch
Please post feedback on Chapter 3 here
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DanielU.Thibault said Jun 24, 2016 03:15:08
Page 71, {“The Hour of the Dragon} is missing its closing quotes.

Page 72, "If your maximum Despair would be reduced to zero," should be "If your maximum Resolve would be reduced to zero,"

Page 73, "for the purposes of avoiding hazards" should be "for the purpose of avoiding hazards"
Mike_Weber said Jun 24, 2016 20:34:14
Page 64, since Master of Formulae can be taken multiple times, it would clear things up for new readers if it is explicitly stated that Master Alchemist can only be taken once and then applies to all Master of Formulae enchantments, which seems to be the intent. Maybe add a sentence between the first and second sentence: "Master Alchemist is taken only once but applies to every Master of Formulae enchantment you know. When working with reagents on any petty enchantment that you have the Master of Formulae talent for,..."
DanielU.Thibault said Jun 24, 2016 21:03:51
Page 77, "should you find a literate character to converse with." should probably be "should you find a literate character to correspond with."

Page 85, "(temperatures below 0˚ Celsius/ 2˚Fahrenheit or above 35˚C/95˚F)," should be "(temperatures below 0˚ Celsius/ 32˚ Fahrenheit or above 35˚C/95˚F),"

Same page, "the gamemaster" should not be hyphenated gam-emaster but rather ga-memaster or, better yet, game-master.

Page 86, sleep deprivation can also induce hallucinations. Not sure if this is worth providing rules for; maybe the GM could use the level of Fatigue as Doom to twist Perception rolls or some such. (I haven't read how Doom works yet, so correct me!)

Same page, in "Resilient Prerequisite: Stubborn as a Mule", "Stubborn as a Mule" should be in Italics.

Page 88, in the Siegecraft Talent diagram, Artillerist is listed as "Arillerist".

Page 90, "reduced by one step, so a minimum of Simple (D0)." should be "reduced by one step, to a minimum of Simple (D0)."

Page 91, "You may now purchase the Sorcerer talent and can begin to learn spells." Does this really mean you need only Patron (and not Sorcery as well) to learn spells?

Page 92, "Sorcerer Prerequisite: Patron, Sorcery Expertise 2", shouldn't Patron be in Italics, since it's listed as a Talent?

Same page, camouflage should not be hyphenated cam-ouflage but rather ca-mouflage.

Page 95, to the Risks list of possible environments I would add Marsh/Swamp.

Page 97, why are the Fortune Talent blurbs using all upper case where the rest of the chapter used title case? (i.e. for the talent titles and the "PREREQUISITE" label)
Mike_Weber said Jun 26, 2016 17:30:32
Daniel T., regarding your Page 91 comment, I think I see your question, but let me know if I am wrong; you are wondering if you can skip True Understanding and go straight for the other Sorcery tree, and I think that's exactly what they're going for there. If you pick them up in initial character generation, you could just get Patron and Sorcerer and you could avoid getting anything on the other Sorcery tree.
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Mike_Weber said Jun 26, 2016 18:09:14
Page 93, under Assassin: "in order to count every dice in the pool as an Effect" should be singular, "in order to count every die in the pool as an Effect"

Page 95, under Risks: I like the addition of Marsh/Swamp that Daniel T. recommended, above. The "or another if permitted by [GM]" comment would cover fire swamps or something not typically in most game worlds. The list in this book is to provide typical areas players may want to choose from that make appearances in nearly all game worlds, and Marsh/Swamp would be a solid and quite hazardous addition.

Page 95, under Remedies and Rewards: "See Chapter Six: Equipment for more information." does not follow the reference format earlier in this chapter of putting the sentence in parentheses and italicizing 'Chapter Six: Equipment', ex: "in treating wounds (see <i>Chapter Six: Equipment</i> for more information.)"
DanielU.Thibault said Jun 27, 2016 01:26:59
If MikeWeber and I are correct, then I think the page 91 explanation could be made clearer by stating this spell path clearly. Something like "You may now purchase the Sorcerer talent and can begin to learn spells (see Chapter Seven: Sorcery for a list of all spells). You *need not* acquire any other Sorcery talents---though they may undoubtedly be useful."
Bryan Rendell said Jul 02, 2016 15:07:01
PP 67-68 – In the Command Talent Tree is the talent “Guardsman’s (singular) Eye”. In the talent description it is “Guardsmen’s (plural) Eye”.

PP 68 – Commanding Mien. Last sentence “You can substitute Command for Linguistics and Persuasion tests.” Presumably you can’t use Command for several of the common uses for Linguistics (reading foreign languages, creating or deciphering codes, translating ancient texts, etc). Wouldn’t it make more sense that with Commanding Mien, Foreign Language does not increase the difficulty of Command tests? Or perhaps change the sentence to something like “You can substitute Command for Persuasion tests, and for Linguistics tests when attempting to convey simple instructions to a character with whom you don’t share a common language.”

PP 70 – Labor of Love. Last sentence “With Labor of Love, you can use Craft in place of Society tests…”. As with Commanding Mien, you might want to broadly describe when this is appropriate (probably not so much for interpreting business and financial information).

Can you substitute a substituted skill? Can someone with the Chirurgeon talent (PP 73) and the Commanding Mien talent (PP 68) use the Healing skill in place of the Linguistics skill?

PP 74-75 – In the Insight Talents Tree, the talent Smell Out Sorcery has Rescue the Innocents as a prerequisite. In the description of Smell Out Sorcery, the listed prerequisite is the Sorcerer talent.
Marc-AndréDurand said Jul 04, 2016 22:52:09
I have a question about the talent's rank. Maybe because english is my second language, I don't understand how two things works...

Page 44 (chapter 2): "You can pick one additional talent for your character at this time, provided the character meets the talent’s pre- requisites. Alternately, you can increase an existing talent by an additional rank."

So you can choose a second rank in a talent in place of a new talent. But:

Page 61(chapter 6): "Maximum Ranks: X, where X is the maximum number of ranks allowable in that skill."

The rank is related to the skill or the talent? And finaly:

Page 61(chapter 6): "Some talents confer benefits based on the total number of ranks in a skill. In these cases, the “basic” rank of the skill counts as 1 towards this total."

Now the skill give the talent's rank?

By Mitra, is there a charitable soul to explain me how to determine the rank?
David Thomas said Jul 05, 2016 01:37:30

61(chapter 6): "Maximum Ranks: X, where X is the maximum number of ranks allowable in that skill."

This is a typo and should say "Talent" at the end.

Page 61(chapter 6): "Some talents confer benefits based on the total number of ranks in a skill. In these cases, the “basic” rank of the skill counts as 1 towards this total."

I added this to the errata a while ago, because I have no idea what it means. :)
Marc-AndréDurand said Jul 05, 2016 11:25:17
@David Thanks, it's a clearer now.

For the last part, I now suppose it refer to talents like "Translator" or "Traveler’s Tongue", where they are powered up by the number of talent in the linguistics skill. But it should be reedited as the descriptions count the number of talent and the number of rank in the generals rules.

I still have a question: Do I have to have every ranks in a talent to have access to the next talent in the talent tree?
Rob Davies said Jul 10, 2016 21:05:05
I agree with BenceBenedek about Craft.

As a general skill it can indicate someone who is practical and able to make/fix stuff. The Talents are a bit random though.

Perhaps the journeyman and the master need to specify a material (stone, leather, gems), etc or craft type (mason, fletcher, etc). After all an armourer is not a stone mason.

Barricade is particularly weird.

What about talents to add value to an ordinary items, add a quality to a weapon or armour, or have a reputation in the field?
Marc-AndréDurand said Jul 10, 2016 23:50:38
@Rob I appreciate your point of view, but if I may, Conan was never about building stuff. Having a skill of lesser use than, let's say, Parry, it have to be in a large spectrum of utilisation. In the same way, a talent need to be attractive. A journeyman talent too restricted cease to be sufficiently useful for the players.
David Thomas said Jul 11, 2016 01:48:10
@Marc - I agree with that. My players in general would not take Craft skills if they were specialized, when they could get much more from the generalized skills and those Talents.
Also Marc, I don't think you have to buy all Ranks in a Talent to buy the next step. Only 1 Rank.
Rob Davies said Jul 11, 2016 15:47:02
I get that you don't want parties of tailors and potters, etc. So I agree with the broad skill approach.

Barricade and Mason are a bit weird as talents though.
AllenOwen said Jul 12, 2016 23:26:38
Pg 72 in the Despair sidebar..."If your maximum Despair would be reduced to zero, you give up hope entirely...". Shouldn't that be Resolve?
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