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Chapter 3 PREVIEW Feedback

posted Jun 11, 2016 12:43:27 by ChrisBirch
Please post feedback on Chapter 3 here
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David Thomas said Jun 11, 2016 23:08:18
p.75 See the Soul -
"you may substitute your
Insight skill for Observation, Social, Stealth, or Thievery."

there is no "Social". Should it be "society"?

Also, wow, that seems really powerful! 4 skills replaced with 1 Talent.
BruceBoragine said Jun 11, 2016 23:16:48
Can I make a request?

Can the artwork tie-in or represent something on the page? IE the art on page 66 under Athletics (Brawn) show someone using the skill, maybe swimming, climbing or lifting something heavy, like bracing an archway from falling.
David Thomas said Jun 12, 2016 00:32:58
p.81 Spy -
"You can perform the Ransack talent without leaving tell-tale
evidence of the search. To notice that a search has been
undertaken, you must engage in a Struggle with the character
that used this talent upon the space, gaining bonus
Momentum equal to your Observation Focus."

who gains the bonus Momentum? Do you also gain it when Ransacking, or only when detecting another Spy's ransack?
David Thomas said Jun 12, 2016 00:47:38
p.82 - Persuade - "Persuade is often opposed by a target’s Willpower test."

Shouldn't it be opposed by Discipline?

p.82 Remorseless - "When lying to an opponent, you gain one additional d20 per rank of Remorseless to your Persuade or Command test."

Is this still limited to 3 bonus dice max?

p.83 Strong Arm Tactics -
"You gain one additional d20 to any Persuade or Command test
per rank of Strong-arm Tactics"

Still subject to 3 total Bonus Dice?
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David Thomas said Jun 12, 2016 01:41:50
p.89 General - "These are considered to be
Elite Minions, whereas normal soldiers or warriors are
normal Minions."

What is an Elite Minion? Is it just an Elite? (Maybe this is detailed in later rules)

p.90 Ear of the King - "reduced by one step, so a minimum of Simple (D0)."

Should be "to a minimum"

p.92 Sorcerer - "reduce the character’s resolve permanently by 0+[CD]2."

Is the "0" correct?
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David Thomas said Jun 12, 2016 02:06:47
p.94 Survival - No "Predator" Talent is described in the text!
Bluddworth said Jun 12, 2016 03:46:17
I don't believe Modiphius has me on the mailing list for the chapter previews. I purchased HOARD OF YEZDIGERD, but I have not received any email update since update 58 dated on May 23th.

I did not get the Chapter 2 preview via email, I got it from the update for backers only on the Kickstarter forum. I never received that June 4th email.

My only feedback at this time is to kindly resend an email or double check to see if you have my email as part of your list of those eligible.
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MikeWatts said Jun 12, 2016 07:22:22
P.61 "Maximum Ranks: X, where X is the maximum number
of ranks allowable in that skill."

I take it if it say Maximum Ranks:2 then if it doesn't say this means the maximum rank is only 1?
Sounds obvious, but like to make sure.
How would you write these on our character sheets?

Agile Rank 1.
Message Runner Rank 1
Savage Instincts Rank 1


Agile 1,Message Runner 1, Savage Instincts 1


Acrobatics (Agile, Message Runner 1, Savage Instincts)

I like the alphabetic order it is in currently, it is far faster to find the skill and then the talents to choose.
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yarr ok said Jun 12, 2016 13:38:40
For what it's worth, I'll vouch for ordering skills by attribute with defined attribute subsections, then alphabetically in each subsection, but listing the talents by rank. Although that'll probably mean a lot more work for layout editing, and I don't mind the way it is laid out right now.

@Bruce I think that's sort of a thing already, on pg 90 there's art of two characters fighting a giant spooky sorcerous skeleton, and it's (sorta) on the same page as Sorcery (pg 90 on left, 91 (with Sorcery) on the right). pg 96 has what looks to be a mugging on the same page as Thievery. Also, the quotes seem to follow the same rule of being relevant to the immediate skill, so I think it's safe to say they've already got such things planned for the art :)

@Mike I've been writing talents as such:

[Acr] Agile
[Acr] Message Runner 1/2
[Acr] Savage Instincts

@Mophidius detouring from the error correction for a word of praise, I'm loving the talents so far, almost every single one seems exciting to use. Release cannot come soon enough :D

EDIT numbers
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Bluddworth said Jun 12, 2016 15:22:03
Still waiting for the email...... Torture talent being used in full effect.
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BruceBoragine said Jun 12, 2016 18:11:49
@yarr ok I only ask that because the Quickstart rules weren't that way. Random art of buildings didn't suggest what rules were on the page.
Ryan Clarke said Jun 12, 2016 19:38:20
I would have to agree with the earlier post that Craft talents need an overhaul and the tree needs to be "fixed".
Journeyman, Master Smith and Labor of Love make sense, but the other four talents need to either be renamed or put into trees that make more sense. I understand that they can't create a separate tree for every type of craft, but it just seems a weird mash-up at this point. Armorsmith leading to Mason hurts my sensibilities.

A "Riddle of Steel" talent beyond Labor of Love talent would be cool for creating master crafted weapons.

Everything else is looking great so far.

MikeWatts said Jun 12, 2016 21:47:08
Crafting does need work for other materials, mason/barricade sound more siegecraft. Their were tinkering and jewellers. These were common craftspeople. Tanners, blacksmiths.

I wonder if there be advanced talents that require talents in 2 or more talents. Eg Crafting and sorcery or crafting and seige craft.

Make it more generic, let the player and GM decide on the material / career.
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ChristopherMountenay said Jun 13, 2016 04:56:09
p.95. The "Tracker" skill lists "Hunter" as a Prerequisite, even though "Tracker" is a Prerequisite for "Hunter." I think "Born Wild" is supposed to be the Prerequisite for "Tracker."
MatthewWidener said Jun 13, 2016 20:23:52
There's a lot of overlap between Counsel and Insight. Both appear to be the skill used when analyzing people. Each should have its place. I'd recommend that Insight be the skill used to analyze people, and Counsel the skill used to act upon the information gained from Insight. Basically, a passive and an active skill. The way it's written below doesn't communicate that. Too many players will use Counsel for an Insight check.

Counsel: Personality: Analyzing behavior and predicting motives. Treating lost Resolve and Trauma.
Insight: Awareness: Inspecting people, places, and information closely. Recognizing patterns. Discerning
if someone is lying. Recognizing the presence of the unnatural or supernatural.
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