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Chapter 3 PREVIEW Feedback

posted Jun 11, 2016 12:43:27 by ChrisBirch
Please post feedback on Chapter 3 here
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David Thomas said Jun 11, 2016 16:59:11
p.61 Acrobatics -
"Common Uses: Evading missile weapons"

Should probably say "Evading attacks" to avoid confusion.
BruceBoragine said Jun 11, 2016 17:44:30
First off, let me say I don't like the new layout as opposed to MC. The linear order seems more natural to me rather than the alphabetical used. Even having all Talents by rank is better than alphabetically. I rank 1 first, then all the rank 2, then rank 3, and lastly rank 4 if there is any.

Since you are using alphabetical, things should be as such. I'm only reading on my phone, but right off, I've found one out of order. On page 67, under Athletics, Pugilist comes after Strong Back. Obviously the letter P comes before S.
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BenceBenedek said Jun 11, 2016 18:47:44
Page 92, Stealth Difficulty:

"Penalties should only be applied once to either the observer or the scout."

Aren't we talking about the "struggling" partyes here? So penalties either applied to the group/person performing the observation test or to the group/person performing the stealth test.

Br., Bence.
BenceBenedek said Jun 11, 2016 18:56:58
@BruceBoragine I don't have MC but i did find the alphabetic order somewhat "unnatural" too. Listing the talents by rank would have felt more natural for me, at least that's what i expect based on the talent tree format.

May be the whole list could follow the order of the skills from the character sheet.

The attributes are in an alphabetical order so it would keep some kind of organised fashion, we wouldn't lose the logic.

Br., Bence.
VenomousFiligree said Jun 11, 2016 19:22:27
The table on page 63 is missing Linguistics and Siegecraft
ChristopherMountenay said Jun 11, 2016 20:08:53
On page 72, the "Despair" sidebar, third paragraph, first sentence: "maximum Despair" should read "maximum Resolve".
David Thomas said Jun 11, 2016 20:53:32
p.65 Born in the Saddle - does the normal limit of 3 bonus d20's still apply?
EricRupert said Jun 11, 2016 21:17:24
It seems as if the font for attributes under each skill should be contrasting in size. Currently, the headers are a bit confusing to the eye. The skill is primary; the attribute is secondary.

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David Thomas said Jun 11, 2016 21:51:22
p.72 Despair - "Any further Fatigue beyond
that, and you will become insensate, comatose for all
practical purposes"

Should say "Any further Despair..."

Also, same section and page

"If your maximum Despair would be reduced to zero,"

Should probably say "If you maximum Resolve would be reduced to zero,"
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chris.lites said Jun 11, 2016 22:00:04
I have compiled all of these to date continue to do so. Benn and Nathan may pop in to address some things that don't need to go to an error report, but it's all there for now.
David Thomas said Jun 11, 2016 22:09:54
p.73 Chirurgeon - It's unclear exactly what game effects this Talent is supposed to provide.
It's possible this is just because it will make sense when we have the Healing rules.
David Thomas said Jun 11, 2016 22:31:40
p.74 Insight Skill - The Insight skill lists no suggested Momentum Spends.
BruceBoragine said Jun 11, 2016 22:50:38
Page 62 Acrobatics, Healthy Paranoia. "When involved in a struggle to resist being surprised,
you gain 2 bonus Momentum." 2 bonus momentum to what and when? Do you get the momentum before you roll or after a successful roll or after a roll successful or not?

A qualifying phrase should be on the end of the sentence. IE., "you gain 2 bonus Momentum, before you roll to use on the roll. Or, ." "you gain 2 bonus Momentum, only after a successful roll."
chris.lites said Jun 11, 2016 22:51:46
Yes, those rules should clarify Chirurgeon.
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David Thomas said Jun 11, 2016 23:00:20
@ Bruce - Chris Lites, Nathan, etc. can confirm I'm sure, but I think that Bonus Momentum (From Talents, Equipment, etc.) is gained upon a successful skill test. (It shows up in several places)
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