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Chapter 3 PREVIEW Feedback

posted Jun 11, 2016 12:43:27 by ChrisBirch
Please post feedback on Chapter 3 here
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BenceBenedek said Jun 11, 2016 14:01:34
Hi! On page 63 in SKILLS, ATTRIBUTES, AND THEIR USES table, Command's attribute should be personality instead of willpower.

Br., Bence.
David Thomas said Jun 11, 2016 14:18:53
Quote on p.96 - Shevatas is from Black Colossus. The quote should be credited to Conan and Taurus.
BenceBenedek said Jun 11, 2016 14:26:19
On page 69 Instead of wise veteran, the 3rd skill in counsel should be motivate.

Br., Bence.
BenceBenedek said Jun 11, 2016 14:34:01
On page 69 Overcome Dark Powers (counsle 3rd line talent) says: "you may take on some of your patient’s burden."

To me "some" means that this act is repeatable but it is not stated here.

Can players decide how much trauma they are "healing" for 2 doom / trauma, or you can do this 1 by 1.

If you can "heal" 1 trauma at a time, how often can you use this skill? Do i have to heal the gained traumas before i use this skill again?

Br., Bence.
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yarr ok said Jun 11, 2016 14:35:14
On pg 95-97, the Thievery talent tree lists an "Obscure Trail" talent (pg 96), but it does not show up in the following pages. Instead, on pg 96-97, there is an "Underworld Lore" talent that does not appear in the talent tree.
yarr ok said Jun 11, 2016 14:40:31
On pg 94-95, the Predator talent is listed in the Survival talent tree but is not later described.
yarr ok said Jun 11, 2016 14:46:19
On pg 92, the Witch Hunter talent for sorcery: the Protective Superstitions prereq is bolded. Also, to clarify the talent's effect, when it says, "If successful, you gain 1[CD] extra Cover Soak against your foe’s attacks and powers", is this referring to the entire opposing side, or just the sorcerous opponent?
yarr ok said Jun 11, 2016 14:50:25
On pg 90, is it correct that the Ear of the King society talent replaces Society tests with Command? It seems odd that a skill's talent would replace that skill's tests with another skill's.
David Thomas said Jun 11, 2016 14:59:19
p.76 Languages - If the speakers languages are all contained within one of the regional groupings, does the +1 difficulty penalty apply, or is that for speakers outside of the grouping?
yarr ok said Jun 11, 2016 14:59:41
On pg 85 for Fatigue under Cold and Heat, extreme heat is detailed as 60 celcius and 114 farenheight, but it ought to be 140 farenheight.

EDIT: also, it does not say what the consequence is of failing a Resistance check (I'm assuming a level of Fatigue?)
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BenceBenedek said Jun 11, 2016 15:06:37
Regarding Crafting.

I've found it to bee too broad.

You have stated it in the skill's description, which points to the single professions direction.

Having 1 skill is ok, but having multiple professions within the talent tree seems weird for me.

I would go for the following approach, the skill crafting should be broad within a single profession, like smith, carpenter, mason, cook ect., then players can specialise or gain utility by the talents.

Its not a problem if you have more or less generalised talents for this skill, but they should be only affect 1 profession at a time.

Having the 3 basic professions in the core book is ok, you can add new professions in the upcoming expansions if you feel like, and if you have a "dummy talent tree" then it won't require much work.

Even players can create their professions if they have a clear view on the talent tree.

The sweet spot is between the 1 skill does it all unless the GM says no and we have a skill for every profession's every specialisation's.

Br., Bence.
BenceBenedek said Jun 11, 2016 16:03:21
Page 85 Fatigue, in the second paragraph at the right column, there should be 32 Fahrenheit not 2.

"If unprotected in an extraordinarily cold or hot environment
(temperatures below 0˚ Celsius/ 2˚Fahrenheit"

Br., Bence.
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BenceBenedek said Jun 11, 2016 16:29:45
On page 92 talent Sorcerer: "Gain 1 spell and reduce the character’s resolve
permanently by 0+[CD]2." --> the number representing the amount of combat dices should be before the [ mark (0+2[CD]).

Btw, why is there a 0 ? May be we get X dmg after every learnt spell except the first?

Then it should be like: X + 2[CD]. "See Chapter Seven: Sorcery for more
details about this and other Sorcery talents." will tell us the details any ways.

Br., Bence.
David Thomas said Jun 11, 2016 16:34:44
P.61 Skill Description Format -
"Some talents confer benefits based on the total number
of ranks in a skill. In these cases, the “basic” rank of the
skill counts as 1 towards this total."

Unless I'm missing something, these sentences seem unnecessary and just cause more confusion by existing, unless they mean something other than rank 1 of the skill counts as 1.
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David Thomas said Jun 11, 2016 16:38:37
P.61 Skill Description Format-
"Maximum Ranks: X, where X is the maximum number
of ranks allowable in that skill."

Replace "skill" with "talent"
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