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a couple of questions

posted Jun 11, 2016 17:08:20 by GabrielCopus
I played the game for the first time today and very much enjoyed it .
My questions at the moment are 1 - can a unit have more than 1 interrupt played on it per turn ?
2 -If a unit is attempting to Rally does it only use it's own Morale level or may it use an in range Commander's in the same way as when doing a Morale test ? It doesn't say that is the case but it would seem logical to me :-)
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Mark Furnell said Jun 12, 2016 10:12:51
Hi Gabriel,

1. I see no reason within the rules why you could not play multiple interrupts during a round on the same unit. Bear in mind it's a game though, and if you use your Tiger to knock out Shermans every time they move you'll run out of friends to play with ! :-)

2. According to the rules, you can't use a leader to help rally a unit.
Think about a unit under fire that has gone to ground, a leader shouting at them from a distance will be ignored I suspect while they keep their heads down.

That said, I allow a unit attached to a leader (i.e. in the same square) to use his morale for rallying as a house rule.


GabrielCopus said Jun 12, 2016 14:00:36
Okay thanks :-)
SteveHanson said Jun 12, 2016 18:02:18
Furgie has the right of it. I talked to Nick and he said the same thing.
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GabrielCopus said Jun 14, 2016 19:05:26
Ok thanks
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